Samsung Fridge In Kenya; Best Pick, Features & Prices

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Samsung Fridge in Kenya

Samsung Fridge in Kenya is a brand that needs no introduction since they produced their first fridge in 1974. they have grown to become a global Samsung fridges brand in the world as they have maintained their focus on technology and usability. Unlike other fridges, Samsung refrigerators price in Kenya tends to be stable.

If you’re thinking about buying a refrigerator in Kenya, Samsung Fridges are the best choice. These refrigerators feature an updated design with metallic accents with a sleek, attractive exterior. You can buy a genuine and quality Samsung refrigerator in Kenya from authorized dealers and shops.

Best Refrigerators To Buy In Kenya

Though many Kenyans believe that Samsung fridge prices in Kenya are expensive, this is not entirely true. Samsung has a range of fridges that suit different budgets.

The Samsung RR-11K1100 110L Fridge

Samsung RR-11K1100 Single Door Fridge

Key Features of Samsung RR-11K1100 110L Fridge

  • 4.0 cu. ft. with 110 liters capacity
  • Energy Rating of 5 stars
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Direct Cooling Technology
  • Lock & Key
  • Cool Pack Technology to keep food frozen even with no power
  • Anti Fungal Door Gasket
  • Big Bottle Guard- bigger and deeper to accommodate large bottles
  • Chilled Room
  • Rust Resistant Body

Samsung RR-21J3146 185L Fridge

Samsung RR-21J3146 Single Door Fridge

Key Features of Samsung RR-21J3146 185L Fridge

  • 7.0 cu. ft.with 185 litres capacity
  • Dimensions of 532mm (W) x 1209mm (H) x 594mm (D)
  • Direct Cooling Technology
  • Inbuilt Power Stabilizer
  • Has an Ever-Fresh zone
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  •  Energy Rating of 5 Star 
  • Rust Resistant Body
  • Anti-fungal Door Gasket

Samsung RT-26HAR2D 210L Fridge


Samsung RT-26HAR2D Double Door Fridge

Key Features of Samsung RT-26HAR2D 210L Fridge

  • 8.0 cu. ft.with 210 litres capacity
  • Dimensions of  545mm (W) x 1453mm (H) x 589mm (D)
  • Has a multi flow air system
  • In-built Power Stabilizer
  • Digital Inverter Compressor with a 10 year warranty
  • Strong and Easy Slide Shelf
  • Cool Pack – up-to 8 hours
  • No Frost Technology
  • Silver Technology Deodorizer
  • Star Energy Rating

Samsung RT-27H300SE 255L Fridge

Samsung fridges and prices in Kenya

Samsung RT-27H300SE Double Door Fridge

Key Features of Samsung RT-27H300SE 255L Fridge

  • 10.0 cu. ft. with 255 litres capacity
  • Dimensions: 582mm (W) x 1610mm (H) x 674mm (D)
  • No Frost Technology
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Digital Inverter Compressor with a 10 year warranty
  • Multi Air Flow Cooling
  • Big Vegetable Drawer
  • Jumbo Storage Guard for Large Bottles

Samsung RT40K5052S8 Double Door Refrigerator

Be that as it may, most Samsung fridge in Kenya perform very well in terms of energy efficiency. By the same token, Samsung RT40K5052S8 double door refrigerator has inbuilt multi cooler zone technology which is easy on power consumption. Thus as the user, you can switch from regular cooling mode to energy saving mode depending on the amount of food supplies in your refrigerator.

Even more, you can take advantage of the easy sliding glass shelves to access stuff inside the fridge. This saves you the need to overstretch your arm while fetching food items pushed to the furthest corner of the fridge.

Samsung fridge prices Kenya

Samsung RT40K5052S8 Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Samsung RT40K5052S8 Double Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 320 litres; 12.0 cubic feet
  • Model: double door twin cooling fridge
  • Weight: 50Kg
  • Physical dimensions: 600mm (W) by 1715mm (H) by 672mm (D)
  • Finish: Silver color
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Spacious vegetable box
  • Can and bottle holders
  • 5 separate storage levels
  • Sliding glass shelves
  • LED internal lighting
  • Door alarm
  • Multi cooler zones
  • Deodorizer
  • Non frosting technology
  • Multi flow air cooling technology
  • 2 year warranty for the refrigerator
  • 10 year warranty for the compressor

Samsung RB39FERCDSA Double Door Refrigerator

The Samsung refrigerators and particularly the Samsung RB39FERCDSA Double Door refrigerator designed for long term use and user convenience. Operating the bottom freezer fridge is very convenient to users because the food items which are accessed a lot of the times are at eye level. Unlike the top mount freezer fridges, the bottom freezer design automatically reduces the need to stoop every time you want to fetch snacks or drinks from the refrigerator.

Moreover, the sliding shelves makes it easy to access anything pushed to the extreme end of the fridge storage. No need to keep stretching your hand all the way to the corner. Just slide out the storage and pick whatever you want and then slide it back in.

Samsung refrigerator price Kenya

Samsung RB39FERCDSA Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Samsung RB39FERCDSA Double Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 310 litres; 15.0 Cubic feet
  • Finish: Silver Color
  • Weight: 110Kg
  • Model: bottom freezer double door fridge
  • Digital control panel display
  • Egg tray
  • Bottle and can holders
  • Moist fresh zone vegetables/ fruits section
  • 5 separate storage levels in the refrigerator section
  • Sliding shelves
  • Multi air flow cooling system
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Warranty: two year manufacturer warranty

Samsung RT67K6541BS Double Door Refrigerator

Besides spacious freezer compartment and an equally huge vegetable box, the Samsung RT67K6541BS Double Door Refrigerator incorporate efficient cooling technology. For example, cooling in the fridge compartment is separate from the cooling in the freezer compartment. This design significantly reduces energy loss, consequently reducing overall energy consumption. And this is true for any Samsung fridge in Kenya.

best Samsung Fridge Price Kenya

Samsung RT67K6541BS Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Samsung RT67K6541BS Double Door Refrigerator

  • Fridge capacity: 530 litres; 19.0 cubic feet
  • Design: top freezer double door fridge
  • Finish: Black color
  • Glass shelves; easy slide design
  • LED internal lighting system
  • Multi air flow cooling system
  • External water dispenser
  • Long bar design fridge handle
  • 5 distinct freezer cooling modes
  • Compressor type: digital inverter
  • Cooling technology: Twin Cool Plus
  • Fridge physical dimensions: 846mm W by 770mm D by 1944mm H
  • 10 year warranty for the compressor

Samsung RT44K505SL Double Door Refrigerator

Looking for a refrigerator that will not produce humming sounds its entire life span? Then, Samsung RT44K505SL double door refrigerator is the fridge you should buy. Indeed, this Samsung refrigerator does not produce any noise while in operation. What is more, it is so quiet that you might assume it is not powered up. Additionally, the compressor technology ensures that it is energy efficient. Even though its price tag appears to give an indication that it is an expensive fridge, it beats other refrigerators on specs and features.

Clearly, Samsung refrigerators prices in Kenya can be slightly high but for a good reason.

Samsung fridges in Kenya

Samsung RT44K505SL Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Samsung RT44K505SL Double Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 360 litres; 13.5 cubic feet
  • Finish: Silver color
  • Weight: 39.4Kg
  • Model: double door fridge
  • Twin cooling technology
  • Recessed fridge handles
  • Non frosting
  • Chiller zone
  • Vegetable box
  • Ice tray
  • Deodorizer
  • Interior lighting
  • Separate chiller section
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Samsung RT49K5052BS Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT49K5052BS double door refrigerator has all the features you would desire to have in a family refrigerator. More importantly though, Samsung RT49K5052BS double door refrigerator appeals to a distinct market segment. At least going by the design. Little wonder Samsung remains a market leader for home appliances. As a matter of fact, Samsung refrigerators have become a household name in Kenya.

Samsung Fridge prices in Kenya

Samsung RT49K5052BS Double Door Refrigerator

Salient Features of the Samsung RT49K5052BS Double Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 348 litres
  • Finish: Black color
  • Model: double door top mount freezer
  • Auto defrost
  • Multi cooling; 5 distinct cooling zones
  • Deodorizer
  • Twin cooling
  • Extra-large vegetable container
  • Ice tray
  • Compressor type: digital inverter
  • LED Internal Lighting system
  • Ergonomic fridge handle
  • Twin cooler technology
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Samsung RS54N3A13S8 Side by Side Refrigerator

Be that as it may, some of the best Samsung refrigerators in Kenya are most suitable for upmarket lifestyle shoppers. With a storage capacity of 540 litres capacity, the Samsung RS54N3A13S8 side by side refrigerator was designed for a niche market. Furthermore, when you look at the its capabilities and inbuilt features as captured below. you realize that this refrigerator is suitable for shoppers residing in the gated community.

Nonetheless, it is a best buy selection especially for those seeking a touch of finesse and sophistication to their kitchens.

Samsung fridge prices in Kenya

Samsung RS54N3A13S8 Side by Side Refrigerator

Features of the Samsung RS54N3A13S8 Side by Side Refrigerator

  • Model: side by side two door refrigerator
  • Glass shelves
  • Two vegetable compartments
  • Multi air flow technology
  • Maximum storage capacity: 540 litres
  • Automatic defrost technology
  • Finish: Silver color
  • Digital compressor
  • Ergonomic fridge door handle
  • Transparent storage racks
  • LED Internal lighting
  • Two drawers in the freezer section
  • Digital display panel
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Samsung RSA1STMG Side by Side Refrigerator

Given that Samsung refrigerators incorporate unique features in new designs, Samsung RSA1STMG Side by Side Refrigerator embraces contemporary fridges design on many levels. Accordingly, there are at least 5 separate storage drawers. In a like manner, each drawer specifically for its own kind thus helping in preserving the integrity of the food items. So, there is no mixing different kinds of food items in the same drawer. In a word, high end Samsung fridges

Samsung fridge reviews Kenya

Samsung RSA1STMG Side by Side Refrigerator

Features of the Samsung RSA1STMG Side by Side Refrigerator

  • Maximum storage capacity: 535 litres; 19.0 Cubic Feet
  • Finish: Silver Color
  • Model: Two door Side by Side refrigerator
  • Multi flow air cooling system
  • Non frosting
  • Ice maker
  • 5 separate storage shelves
  • Three level in-door style bottle holders
  • Two fresh vegetable storage boxes
  • Two Separate freezer sections
  • Long bar style fridge handles
  • LED control panel display
  • Door alarm system
  • LED interior lighting
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Why Buy A Samsung Refrigerator

These are the main reasons that make Samsung refrigerators superior:

Style and Design
Before any Samsung Fridge model is produced, expert and researchers work on its design to ensure it is user friendly, does not interfere with performance. Moreover, the design enhances its aesthetic value and making it look beautiful and attractive. Also, it comes with recessed handles and hidden hinges which give a touch of elegant minimalism.

Durable and User Friendly
One reason why Samsung fridges in Kenya are a trusted brand is mainly because of their longevity. You can use your Samsung fridge for several years without experiencing any technical or performance issues. They have  toughened glass shelves which can hold a  weight of up to 150 Kgs. Additionally, if you have any issues with your Samsung fridge in Kenya, you can contact Samsung customer care in major towns across the country.

Energy Efficient
Samsung fridges are energy efficient, this means they consume very low electricity and thus you will have low power bills. Samsung fridges have an All-round cooling function that ensures adequate circulation of cold air to all parts of the fridge so as to maintain cold temperature throughout the the whole fridge. This helps keep food cold and fresh for several hours  even when there is no power maintains the cooling after a long time power is off.

Refrigerator odor management

No one would like to take food that has a different taste because it was stored in the fridge with other foods. Mixing of Food odors not only changes the  taste of frozen foods but will also affect  flavors cooked dishes. However, Samsung fridges came up with a revolutionary way to prevent this. They employ the use of separate airflow cooling systems, one for the freezer and the other for the fridge. This prevents the mixing of smells from foods moving between the fridge and freezer.

Digital Inverter Compressor
Samsung uses advanced Digital Inverter Technology that automatically adjusts the cooling speed of the fridge. if the fridge is frequently being opened or the weather is hot, Samsung’s Digital Inverter compressor will speed up the cooling process. Then, rapidly provide cold air to respond to the fridge’s cooling demand. If the fridge is left undisturbed or the weather is cold, the Samsung fridge digital Inverter will slow down.

Twin Cooling System
The cooling system ensures that the right temperature and humidity level are  maintained throughout the refrigerator. Therefore, no matter where food is stored it stays fresh for more days.

Protection Against Power Surges
With frequent power disruptions in Kenya, the only way to keep your fridge safe is by buying a fridge guard. This is an additional cost that you might save if you choose to buy a Samsung fridge. Accordingly, the fridges have inbuilt power stabilizer that protects the fridge in the event of power fluctuations.

Samsung fridge prices in Kenya: the double door refrigerator

To begin with, Samsung double door refrigerators are especially ideal for large families. Incidentally, they are also good for those running busy restaurant businesses. This is because running a successful business in the hospitality industry requires that you buy a lot of food products in large quantities. Furthermore, you will enjoy the benefits of economies of scale when you purchase food supplies in large quantities.

In any case, even medium size top freezer fridge offer massive storage space for storing food supplies capable of running a busy restaurant for more than two days. Accordingly, following a successful shopping spree, you will require adequate storage for your fresh vegetable and other perishable food items. Your ordinary family refrigerator will not be able to take in as much supplies as is adequate to run your restaurant sufficiently for a whole day or two.

With the glaring storage space challenges, you will start thinking of how to get another kitchen appliance to offer additional storage. If you are shopping for the best Samsung double door refrigerator price suited for restaurant or hotel operation in Kenya, then no look further. By the way, the double door fridges we have reviewed here have different specifications for different kinds of needs. As a rule, we sampled from different kitchen equipment suppliers.

Getting the best Samsung fridge prices in Kenya

Hence, it is advisable that you have at your fingertips the specifications of each appliance in order to get one that meets your requirements. Most importantly though, the Samsung top freezer refrigerator models sampled are some of the most trusted in the market. For the most part, running your restaurant business efficiently, you require a specialized refrigeration appliance.

To start with, there are key factors to consider before settling for a top freezer refrigerator for the hotel business. In the first place, the most obvious factor is the price. In addition to buying price, storage requirements follows closely. Besides storage capacity, available floor space in the kitchen dictates the physical size. So then, the initial cost of investment plus your monthly running costs will determine whether your project is viable or not.

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