How to Remove Odour from the Refrigerator

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How to Remove Odour from the Refrigerator

Keeping the refrigerator clean and smelling fresh might sound easy but it is not always the case. It might surprise you that the fridge smells bad even after cleaning. This can be frustrating especially when you clean your refrigerator regularly. Hence, we give you simple tips on how to remove odor from fridge Kenya. These tips will help you keep a fridge smelling fresh and clean.

The importance of hygiene particularly for the kitchen appliances can never be overemphasized. However, good hygiene at home means that you will have to set aside a few minutes from your busy schedule to keep things in order at home. Cleaning your fridge can be fun especially if you know how to do it effectively and efficiently. For this reason, we have compiled for you a simplified guide on how to clean a fridge in Kenya.

By and large, cleaning a fridge is an important task that needs to be done regularly. A thorough cleaning exercise should be scheduled at least every three months. In any case, the best time to schedule fridge cleaning is when you are almost running out of food supplies and are about to restock. So, you need to do the cleaning before shopping. Otherwise, if you do not remove odor which will emanate from your fridge, the smell will not be bearable. Today, we explain how to remove odor by cleaning a fridge; keeping it tidy and hygienic.

Preparations before you start cleaning the refrigerator

You should first ensure that you remove all foodstuffs that were in your fridge before you start the cleaning activity. Ensure that you cover them up carefully and well so that you can prevent them from going bad. If you have any foodstuffs that cannot go without being frozen, ensure you place them into separate containers and place some ice cubes in them soaking them in.

Turn off your appliance. Flip the off power button to cut power supply off your fridge and allow it to settle for about an hour or so before you start cleaning. This will give the fridge time to cool off and also if the freezer compartment had any ice formation it will get the chance to melt.

Remove all the shelves and draws from the interior of your refrigerator. This includes the egg trays, ice cube tray, vegetable box, shelves, etc.

How to clean your fridge with ordinary dishwashing soap

  • Remove all the food and food containers to avoid contamination
  • Wipe the internal surfaces of the fridge with a soft sponge soaked in warm water and home cleaning detergent
  • Use your ordinary dishwashing soap for the cleaning job. The soap will be sufficient enough to remove the odor. Avoid using disinfectants or detergents with a strong smell
  • Next, dry all the removable shelves before inserting them back into the fridge
  • Lastly, sweep all the dust gathered around the corner where your fridge was standing. You can as well mop the place clean, and push back the refrigerator back to its original spot. Now, you can plug the power cable to the socket and power up your refrigerator.

Remove Odour from Fridge using Vinegar

When it comes to the removal of odor from your refrigerator Vinegar works best. This is because vinegar is known for getting rid of some of the most stubborn smells. Even so, the good thing is that you can also use it as a disinfectant when cleaning the interior and exterior parts of the fridge.

How to clean refrigerator with vinegar

  • After removing all the foodstuffs from the refrigerator, remove the shelves and drawers as well. Now, the start of by doing a quick clean up using a small piece of cloth just removes all spilled up liquids, food particles smeared on the surface of the refrigerator and so on.
  • Then follow up by adding about half a glass of vinegar to about 850ml of warm water
  • Using a clean rag or piece of cloth, wipe the interior of the fridge extending to all the corners. Also, start from the freezer section and work your way down to the vegetable drawer compartment. This should ensure that that stench coming from the fridge is gone for good.
  • As for the stubborn smell that has become part of your refrigerator and has in the past refused to disappear you can try socking balls of cotton wool in vinegar and place them in different sections within the fridge.

Then lock the doors and keep the fridge shut for some hours before opening the doors and removing them.

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Remove Odour from Fridge using Baking Soda

What you need to freshen fridge with baking soda;

  • Some 4 teaspoons full of baking soda (powder)
  • Some warm water in a cleaning basin
  • A cleaning cloth

How to clean refrigerator with baking soda

  • After removing all the foodstuffs from your refrigerator and also the shelves and draws start off by doing a quick clean up using a small piece of cloth, just remove all spilled up liquids, dropped food staffs and so on.
  • Place about 4 teaspoons full of baking soda on to a baking shit or any flat plastic cover and add a few drops of water then place it inside the fridge.
  • Maintain the door closed for about an hour before opening.
  • Baking soda can also be used for cleaning by just dissolving half a cup of the baking soda in a cup of water and using a clean piece of cloth to clean through your fridge. Clean every edge and corner and surface.
  • Ensure to change the solution every now and then when cleaning once the solution becomes dirty.

Simple tips on keeping the fridge odorless after a successful cleanup exercise

  • Drain the excess water from the freezer
  • Routinely check out for spoilt foodstuff
  • Always remember to leave the glass shelves to attain room temperature before commencing the cleaning exercise
  • Moving forward, it is advisable to clean your fridge regularly. Regular cleaning of your fridge will help to remove the bad odors and even keep the cockroaches away. All things considered, routine cleaning will ensure your fridge is hygienic, operate efficiently and will last longer. Even a new fridge, straight out of production line, must be cleaned.

Remove Odour from Fridge using Lemon Juice

What you need to freshen fridge with lemon juice;

  • 4 middle-sized lemons (slightly ripen, freshly squeezed)
  • Half- a- glass to a glass of water.
  • Cleaning basin

How to clean refrigerator with Lemon Juice

  • Mix the lemon juice and water into the basin.
  • Using this solution clean through your appliance interior.
  • You can even put some of this solution in a sprinkling bottle that you can use to spray inside your refrigerator and using a clean dry cloth wipe through.

This is how to maintain a high level of hygiene for your fridge after cleaning

  • Avoid throwing leftovers into the fridge without proper packaging. Keep your fresh food in tightly sealed containers.
  • Avoid spilling liquid or any substance inside your fridge. Make sure the containers and bottles used for storing your beverages are not leaking. Any accidental spillage should be cleaned instantly.
  • Make sure that your food supplies are not past sell by date. Any expired food item should be removed from the fridge immediately.
  • Usually, fresh food supplies from the market are not washed at the point of purchase. Therefore, it is important to wash your fresh fruits and vegetables before keeping them in the fridge.

Remove Odour from Fridge using Coffee Grounds and Oats

How they work;

  • For the coffee grounds, they not only absorb the bad smell that exists in your refrigerator but also leaves your appliance with that fresh coffee aroma.
  • Oats are good at absorbing the bad smell and remove odor.

How to freshen a fridge with Coffee Grounds and Oats

  • To begin with, place some coffee grounds in an open container after cleaning your refrigerator and strategically place it inside your refrigerator
  • Let your refrigerator run during that time and also close the door to ensure the coffee aroma circulates within the fridge.
  • You can let the coffee grounds to sit for a number of days and you can keep replacing the grounds every few days to ensure your fridge remains smelling fresh.
  • As for the oats, all you have to do is place small portions in small containers and place them on different levels of your refrigerator i.e. in shelves, etc.

Keep replacing the coffee beans every other few days to ensure effectiveness.

Well, we all have been here before, you know! That moment when the refrigerator suddenly starts emitting this funny stinky smell that will just not go away. You even might have tried cleaning it every single day but still no hope. The truth is that it is everyone’s desire that they always get to maintain a clean and fresh smelling fridge. Well, trouble no more for we are here to save you from all this trouble. As such, we have compiled a simplified guide on how to clean the fridge. The tips will guide on what you need to do to get rid of that permanent stink in your fridge once and for all.

Quick Summary of key steps on how to clean a fridge

  • Obviously, the first step to remove odour is to remove all the food in the fridge. This is to reduce any chance for food contamination. Moreover, cleaning an empty fridge is easy and saves time. Definitely, with an empty fridge, you will not leave any corner untouched.
  • Then power off the fridge. Unplug the power cable from the sockets. This will protect you from being short-circuited when cleaning the condenser coils. Even so, only a dry cloth should be used to remove dust from coils.
  • Remove all the shelves and the vegetable box from the refrigerator. It is easier to wash them from outside. Furthermore, let the cleaned shelves dry before returning them into the refrigerator.
  • Boil some water. It is advisable to use dishwashing detergents to do the cleaning. Since refrigerator stores food items, you should never disinfectants. Also, do not use detergent with strong scents; the smell might get absorbed by the food.
  • Use the hand towel to wipe the surfaces of the fridge. The hand towel or the cleaning cloth should be soaked in warm water with the dishwashing detergent. Otherwise, the cleaning cloth should be non-fluffy.
  • Once you are done with cleaning the interior parts of the refrigerator, you should embark on cleaning the exterior as well. Obviously, the outer surfaces of the fridge must be kept clean. Ultimately, the condenser coils, usually located at the back of the fridge, must be dusted off to remove dust that may have settled during the course of use.
  • Return the food containers wiped clean and dry back into the fridge. Remember, to completely remove odour, nothing defective should be brought into the fridge. For this reason, broken containers, leaking bottle, containers without seals and expired food supplies should be disposed of.

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