Fridge Prices In Kenya

Best Fridge Prices In Kenya

When you want to buy a fridge in Kenya, price is a very important factor that you should consider.  For this reason, here are the current Fridge prices in Kenya. More importantly, this list is usually updated on a weekly basis. Therefore, be sure to get the latest prices of fridges in Kenya. One important clarification among Kenyans is cheap refrigerator prices translate to low-quality fridges. On the other hand, this is not true as you can find a good quality fridge that is affordable.

Ramtons Fridge Prices In Kenya

Ramtons Fridge ModelPrice
Ramtons RF/215 -Single Door Fridge, 90LKSH 16,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/223 - Mini Fridge, 93LKSH 16,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/177 - Double Door Fridge 128LKSH 24,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/278 - Double Door Fridge, 156LKSH 27,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/140 - Single Door Refrigerator, 180LKSH 28,800 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/257 - Double Door Direct Cool Refrigerator, 213LKSH 29,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/267 - Double Door Refrigerator, 207LKSH 32,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/243 - Double Door Refrigerator, 213LKSH 33,800 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/141 - Direct Cool Refrigerator, 201LKSH 44,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/142 - Double Door Direct Cool Refrigerator, 222LKSH 47,800 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/282 - Double Door Direct Cool Refrigerator, 252LKSH 52,600 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/293 - Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator, 344LKSH 61,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/298 - Double Door Direct Cool Refrigerator, 511L, 7.0 Cu. Ft.KSH 76,200 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/299 - Double Door Direct Cool Refrigerator, 454LKSH 74,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/265 - Side by Side Refrigerator, 527LKSH 97,900 View More Details!

Bruhm Fridge Prices In Kenya

Bruhm Fridge ModelPrice
Bruhm BRS 93MMDS - Single Door Fridge, 95LKSH 15,900 View More Details!
Bruhm BRS 95X - Single Door Mini Fridge, 95L, 4.0Cu. Ft.KSH 16,900 View More Details!
Bruhm BRS 155MMDS - Single Door Fridge, 158LKSH 24,900 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD140- Double Door Refrigerator, 120L, 6.5Cu. Ft. KSH 24,900 View More Details!
Bruhm BRS 260 - Single Door Fridge, 220L, 8.5Cu. Ft.KSH 29,900 View More Details!
Bruhm BFD 200MD - Double Door Fridge, 220L.KSH 29,990 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD225 - Double Door Refrigerator 210L, 8.0Cu. Ft.KSH 32,500 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD-275 - Double Door Refrigerator 270L, 10.0Cu. Ft.KSH 31,990 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD218F - Double Door Refrigerator 220L, 8.0Cu. Ft.KSH 34,300 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD 205TENI - Double Door Refrigerator 210L, 8.0Cu. Ft.KSH 34,800 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD 249TENI - Top Freezer Fridge, 250L, 10.5Cu. Ft.KSH 38,990 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD 348F - Double Door Refrigerator 330L, 12.5Cu. Ft.KSH 42,990 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD 360FF - Top Freezer Fridge, 330L, 12.6Cu. Ft.KSH 54,900 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD 425TENI - Top Freezer Fridge, 450L, 17.5Cu. Ft.KSH 60,900 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD 520FF - Top Freezer Fridge, 498L, 19.0Cu. Ft.KSH 58,400 View More Details!

MIKA Fridge Prices In Kenya

MIKA Fridge ModelPrice
MIKA MRDCS50GLD - Single Door Refrigerator 92L, 5.0Cu. Ft.KSH 16,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRDCS50BBR - Single Door Refrigerator 93L, 5.0Cu. Ft.KSH 16,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRDCS170HS - Single Door Refrigerator 170LKSH 24,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRDCD75LSD -Double Door Refrigerator 138LKSH 25,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRDCS170MS -Double Door Refrigerator 170LKSH 28,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRDCD95BBR -Double Door Refrigerator 168L, 9.5Cu. Ft.KSH 29,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRDCD207LS -Double Door Refrigerator 201LKSH 27,990 View More Details!
MIKA MRDCD95XLB -Double Door Refrigerator 168L, 9.5Cu. Ft.KSH 29,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRCD105XDM -Double Door Refrigerator 200L, 10.0Cu. Ft.KSH 31,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRNF225XDM - Double Door Refrigerator 200LKSH 36,790 View More Details!
MIKA MRNF265XDM - Double Door Top Freezer Refrigerator 251LKSH 39,400 View More Details!
MIKA MRNF240SS -Top Freezer Double Door Refrigerator 268LKSH 51,790 View More Details!
MIKA MRNF340SS -Top Freezer Double Door Refrigerator 372LKSH 62,990 View More Details!
MIKA MRNF2D527SS - French Door Refrigerator 527LKSH 92,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRNF4D490SS - French Door Refrigerator 545LKSH 98,900 View More Details!

ICECOOL Fridge Prices In Kenya

IceCool Fridge ModelPrice
ICECOOL BC-50 - Mini Refrigerator, 50LKSH 16,990 View More Details!
ICECOOL Beverage Cooler, 260LKSH 35,990 View More Details!
ICECOOL Beverage Cooler, 310LKSH 42,990 View More Details!
ICECOOL BC-90 - Single Door Refrigerator 90L, 3.0Cu. Ft.
KSH 17,990 View More Details!
ICECOOL BCD-118 - Double Door Refrigerator, 118L, 4.0Cu. Ft.KSH 24,990 View More Details!
ICECOOL BCD- 250 Top Freezer Fridge, 250L
KSH 37,990 View More Details!
ICECOOL BD-219 - Chest Freezer 219L, 4.2Cu. Ft.KSH 39,900 View More Details!
ICECOOL BD-169 - Chest Freezer 169L, 6.0Cu. Ft.KSH 27,990 View More Details!
ICECOOL BCD-138 - Double Door Refrigerator, 138L, 4.8Cu. Ft.KSH 26,500 View More Details!
ICECOOL BCD-180 - Double Door Refrigerator, 180L, 5.9Cu. Ft.KSH 28,900 View More Details!
ICECOOL BCD-215 - Double Door Refrigerator, 215L, 7.5Cu. Ft.KSH 32,700 View More Details!
ICECOOL BCD-275 Top Freezer Fridge, 275LKSH 39,900 View More Details!
ICECOOL BD-259 Commercial Chest Freezer 259L, 9.0Cu. Ft.KSH 42,900 View More Details!
ICECOOL BD-510 Chest Freezer 510L, 18Cu. Ft.KSH 69,900 View More Details!
ICECOOL BD-710 Chest Freezer 710L, 25Cu. Ft.KSH 92,900 View More Details!

Armco Fridge Prices In Kenya

Armco Fridge ModelPrice
Armco ARF-077XR(S) - Mini Fridge 50L, 2.5Cu. Ft. KSH 16,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-101XR(S) - Mini Fridge 71L, 3.3Cu. Ft. KSH 16,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-131XR(SL) - Single Door Refrigerator 90L, 5.0Cu. Ft. KSH 19,990 View More Details!
Armco ARF-127(W) - Single Door Fridge, 92L, 5.0Cu. Ft.KSH 17,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-D198(DS) - TWO Door Refrigerator, 138LKSH 25,990 View More Details!
Armco ARF-D220(DS) - Single Door Refrigerator, 162LKSH 27,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-D178(GD) - Double Door Refrigerator 118L, 6.0Cu. FtKSH 25,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-189(GD) - Single Door Fridge, 150LKSH 25,990 View More Details!
Armco ARF-239(GD) - Single Door Refrigerator 175L, 8.5Cu. Ft. KSH 27,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-D338(W) - Double Door Refrigerator 200L, 9.0Cu. Ft. KSH 32,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-D268(SL) - Double Door Refrigerator 168L. KSH 31,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-NF238(DS) - Top Freezer Refrigerator 200L. KSH 40,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-NF298(DS) - Top Freezer Refrigerator 251L. KSH 49,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-D388(S) - Double Door Refrigerator 302L, 13.0Cu. Ft. KSH 51,990 View More Details!
Armco ARF-NF758SBS(SL) - Side by Side Refrigerator 562L. KSH 97,400 View More Details!

Samsung Fridge Prices In Kenya

Samsung Fridge ModelPrice
Samsung RR11K1100WW Single Door Refrigerator 110L, 4.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 29,900 View More Details!
Samsung RR21J3146SA Single Door Refrigerator 203LKShs. 34,900 View More Details!
Samsung RR23J3146S8 Single Door Refrigerator 223L, 8.5Cu. Ft.KShs. 38,800 View More Details!
Samsung RT28K3082S8 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 231LKShs. 55,900 View More Details!
Samsung RT26HAR2DSA Double Door Refrigerator 203L, 9.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 48,800 View More Details!
Samsung RT34K5052S8 Double Door Refrigerator 308L, 11.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 73,800 View More Details!
Samsung RT31K3082S8 Double Door Refrigerator 253LKShs. 59,900 View More Details!
Samsung RT40K5052S8 Double Door Refrigerator 321L, 12.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 77,900 View More Details!
Samsung RB37N4020B1 - Double Door Refrigerator 284L, 11.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 80,600 View More Details!
Samsung RT44K5052BS Double Door Refrigerator 360L, 13.5Cu. Ft.KShs. 94,300 View More Details!
Samsung RT49K5052BS Double Door Refrigerator 375L, 14.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 100,100 View More Details!
Samsung RT60K6341BS Top Freezer Refrigerator 455L, 17.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 107,900 View More Details!
Samsung RT67K6541SL Top Freezer Refrigerator 526L, 19.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 120,700 View More Details!
Samsung RS62R5001M9 Side by Side Refrigerator 647LKShs. 156,500View More Details!
Samsung RS552NRUA9M Side by Side Refrigerator 540L, 21.0Cu. Ft.KShs. 220,990View More Details!

Whirlpool Fridge Prices In Kenya

Whirlpool Fridge ModelPrice
Whirlpool WMD 200SL - Single Door Refrigerator 160LKSH 28,800 View More Details!
Whirlpool WMD 205 VL - Single Door Refrigerator 165L, 7.5Cu Ft.KSH 33,800 View More Details!
Whirlpool WMD 205 WN - Single Door Refrigerator 165L, 7.5Cu. Ft.KSH 34,800 View More Details!
Whirlpool WMD 240 - Single Door Refrigerator 187LKSH 42,800 View More Details!
Whirlpool WTM 302R - Double Door Refrigerator 290LKSH 51,800 View More Details!
Whirlpool WTM 322 R SL - Double Door Refrigerator 262L, 12.5Cu Ft.KSH 62,800 View More Details!
Whirlpool CF420T - Chest Freezer 311LKSH 64,800 View More Details!
Whirlpool WTM 362 R SL - Double Door Refrigerator 292L, 14.5Cu Ft.KSH 68,990 View More Details!
Whirlpool BSNF 8151 OX - Double Door Refrigerator 356L, 17.5Cu Ft.KSH 89,500 View More Details!
Whirlpool WTM 552 R SS - Double Door Refrigerator 450L, 19.5Cu Ft.KSH 99,900 View More Details!
Whirlpool TNF 9322 OX - Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator 456LKSH 120,500 View More Details!

Von Hotpoint Fridge Prices In Kenya

Von Hotpoint Fridge ModelPrice
Von Hotpoint HRD-VARM-11DHW - Mini Fridge 90L, 5.0Cu. Ft.KSH 16,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint HRD-081W/VARM-08DMW - Mini Fridge 92L, 5.0Cu. Ft.KSH 15,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint HRD-092S/VARM-09DKS - Mini Fridge 92L, 5.0Cu. Ft.KSH 17,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VART-18DMY Double Door Refrigerator 136LKSH 24,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint HRD-231S Single Door Refrigerator 190L, 8.0Cu. Ft.KSH 29,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint HRD-261S - Single Door Refrigerator, 210LKSH 35,500 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VART-26NMS Double Door Refrigerator 200LKSH 42,500 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VART-37NMS Double Door Refrigerator 253LKSH 47,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VART-34NGK -Double Door Refrigerator 261L.KSH 52,600 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint HRN-312S/VART-31NHS - Top Mount Freezer Fridge 270L, 12.5Cu. Ft.KSH 50,800 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VARB-33NHS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 253LKSH 60,600 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VART-56NHS - Top Freezer Refrigerator, 425LKSH 70,500 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VART-78NHS - Double Door Refrigerator, 490LKSH 80,600 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VARZ-20NHK - Side by Side Refrigerator, 429LKSH 95,200 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VARZ-27NKK - Side by Side Refrigerator, 502LKSH 105,500 View More Details!

Shopping for the best Fridge prices in Kenya

To begin with, Fridges have become more affordable today than ever before. As a matter of fact, it is now possible to buy a standard under counter single door refrigerator for as low as Ksh 15,000. Moreover, market liberalization has seen fridge prices in Kenya continue to go down. Such that more households in urban areas and even those in rural areas can upgrade to the modern refrigeration appliance.

Not long ago, having a refrigerator in your home or office was a sign of prosperity and sophistication. Regardless, a lot has changed in society over the years. Furthermore, urbanization has meant that we ditch the traditional ways of refrigeration. All the same in preference to more efficient refrigeration technology. While they were regarded as luxuries items a decade ago, today fridges have become a necessity for every household kitchen.

Accordingly, when contemplating buying a fridge so many factors come into play. In fact, the shopping experience can be grueling some times. Fortunately, we have compiled for you the best fridge prices in Kenya to help you make a decision.

Bruhm fridge prices In Kenya

For those looking for mid-size yet, functional fridges below 20K can check out our latest reviews of the best mini fridges. In fact, the Bruhm fridge prices and reviews are comprehensive and limited to the best value for money selection. For instance, Bruhm BRS-E50S single door mini fridge is ideal for a small office setup with limited space since it can easily fit under counter.

With an excellent energy efficiency rating, the cost of running any Bruhm fridges is so negligible that it is almost inconsequential. Still, this multipurpose appliance can be installed at the office cubicle.

The Bruhm BRS-E50S single door fridge

Bruhm Fridges

This is a low budget, low noise under counter model best suited for small families, people staying alone and college students. With a capacity of 50 litres, easy to clean three level shelves and bottle holders, the Bruhm fridge assures you of reliability. Basically, it has enough storage to keep your food fresh and drinks chilled.

Bruhm BRS-E50S single door fridge

Features of the Bruhm BRS-E50S single door fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 50 litres; 2.5 cu. ft.
  • Nett weight: 10Kg
  • Model: single door with an inbuilt condenser
  • Finish: silver grey colour
  • Silent compressor
  • Two year manufacturer warranty

Bruhm BRD-225 Double Door Refrigerator

Bruhm BRD225 fridge price Kenya

Bruhm BRD-225 Double Door Fridge

Features of the Bruhm BRD-225 Double Door Fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 210 litres; 8.0 cu. Ft.
  • Nett weight: 35Kg
  • Model: double door with
  • Finish: metallic blue colour
  • Thick door with strong ergonomic handles
  • Internal LED lamp for illumination
  • Low noise compressor
  • One year warranty

Armco Refrigerators

The Armco ARF-280(WW) Double Door fridge

Armco fridges feature very advanced energy saving technologies. For instance, the Armco ARF-280(WW) double door fridge has smart energy saving compressor that adjusts cooling based on the amount of food in storage. Thus, when the refrigerator is half empty energy consumption also slows down to the required cooling demands.

Additionally, there is the multi air flow technology which controls even distribution of cool air within the refrigerator. Moreover, this technology is particularly important for the vegetable and fresh fruits compartment. Lastly, the inbuilt EverCool feature maintains cooling for an extended period during emergency power cuts.

Armco Fridges

Armco ARF-280(WW) double door fridge

Features of the Armco ARF-280(WW) Double Door fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 282 litres; 14 cu. Ft.
  • Nett weight: 45Kg
  • Model: double door complete with lock and key
  • Finish: white colour
  • Vegetable crisper
  • Internal LED lamp
  • In-door bottle holder
  • Ice maker
  • Freezer zone
  • Egg tray
  • Three year manufacturer warranty

Hotpoint Fridges

Von Hotpoint HRD-502S Double Door fridge

Under the family fridges category, you can never go wrong with this Von Hotpoint double door fridge. Granted, large families require big capacity refrigerators with capacity to store as much food as possible. The Von Hotpoint is ideal for growing families that require plenty of storage space. The double door free standing refrigerator is Equipped with 4 wire shelves, bottle holders, egg tray, fresh vegetable box and a freezer compartment.

With an automatic defrost feature that means you will not be required to manually remove ice build up. Of particular importance is the auto cool function which enables the fridge to run for up to 10 hours without draining power. Still, this will protect will protect family food from going bad in during power blackout.

An extended warranty of 10 years is a sign of good will from the manufacturer. Hence, should anything go wrong with your appliance you have the assurance that the service center have your back for the next three years. Also, the extended warranty period brings you peace of mind.

Hotpoint Fridges

Von Hotpoint HRD-502S double door fridge

Features of the Von Hotpoint HRD-502S double door fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 350 litres
  • Model: double door with top mount freezer
  • Auto cool technology: up to 10 hours on power cut
  • LED digital control panel
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Auto defrost technology
  • Glass shelves
  • Vegetable box
  • Ice tray
  • Chiller compartment
  • In-door style bottle holders
  • Egg tray
  • External condenser
  • 10 year warranty for the compressor

Von Hotpoint HRN-472S/VART-47NHS refrigerator

Von Hotpoint fridges generally feature unique designs. For instance, the Von Hotpoint HRN-472S/VART-47NHS top mount freezer refrigerator has a water dispenser, humidity controlled vegetable box among other unique offerings. Furthermore, with a 4 star energy rating, it is one of the most energy efficient Von Hotpoint refrigerators in Kenya.

Most shopper consider size, storage capacity and price when shopping for a goo fridge to buy. Well, the Von Hotpoint HRN-472S/VART-47NHS top mount freezer refrigerator has extra-large vegetable box and a spacious chiller section. Its storage capacity alone makes it ideal for a family of 4 onwards.

Von Hotpoint fridge prices Kenya

Von Hotpoint HRN-472S/VART-47NHS refrigerator

Features of the Von Hotpoint HRN-472S/VART-47NHS refrigerator

  • Maximum storage capacity: 341 litres
  • Finish: Dark Silver color
  • Energy efficiency: 4 star rating
  • Automatic defrost
  • Chiller section
  • Extra-large in-door style rack
  • Wire shelf separator in the freezer compartment
  • LED interior lights
  • Glass shelves
  • Egg and Ice trays
  • External water dispenser
  • Spacious humidity controlled vegetable box
  • Model: two door top mount freezer fridge
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Ramtons Fridge Prices in Kenya

The Ramtons FR/265 side by side fridge

Being that it is a 527 litres capacity refrigerator, the Ramtons FR/265 side by side fridge is a truly executive kitchen appliance at an executive price. For a start, the side by side double door model gives you extra space than the standard fridge. As a matter of fact, it has a water dispenser, two large vegetable box, and twin compressors. Secondly, the power saving evercool technology does dynamic cooling for the separate zones. On top of all those features add in-door style bottle rack for drinks and egg trays, auto defrost function. Last but not least, fresh zone cooling for vegetables and fruits. At any rate, this Ramtons fridge is stunning in its own right.

In terms of performance, it should bring a few additional features to the table. For instance, there should be an exterior water dispenser that dispenses either hot or cold on demand. This feature saves you the need to purchase a water dispenser on the side.

Apart from the projected increase in power consumption due to its size, this designer refrigerator will offer more than what your ordinary double door fridge does.  All things considered, this is value for money.

Ramtons Fridge Prices in Kenya

Ramtons FR/265 Side by Side Fridge

Features of the Ramtons FR/265 Side by Side fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 527 litres
  • Model: side by side double door
  • Finish: silver colour
  • Water dispenser
  • Large freezer compartment
  • Large fresh zone section for fruits and vegetable
  • LED lamp for internal illumination
  • Auto defrost technology
  • Can and bottle holders
  • Egg tray
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Ramtons RF/249 Double Door Direct Cool Refrigerator

Ramtons fridges perform so well when it comes to energy consumption. This is because most Ramtons fridges cooling is based on direct cool technology as opposed to the auto defrost technology. All in all, their overall performance comparatively is above par.

fridge prices Kenya

Ramtons RF/249 Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Ramtons RF/249 Double Door Direct Cool Refrigerator

  • Maximum storage capacity: 213 litres; 7.5 Cubic feet
  • Model: double door fridge
  • Nett Weight: 60Kg
  • Cooling: direct cool technology
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Two storage levels inside the freezer
  • Large vegetable storage box
  • In-door style bottle and can holders
  • Finish: Silver Grey color
  • Egg tray
  • Glass shelves
  • CFC Free
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Samsung Fridge Kenya

The Samsung RT64K6541SL Double Door Fridge with dispenser

Notably, the Samsung RT64K6541SL top freezer fridge is the ultimate pick for your family in Kenya. So the best Samsung fridges easily fall under the category of family fridges with advanced features. What is more, this is a perfect choice for an upgrade. Not to mention the extra features that come with expensive fridges, you do not need to break a bank in order to acquire one.

As for the design, the manufacturers took time to give it a contemporary smooth finish. For one thing an exquisitely finished modern kitchen will definitely appear incomplete without this beauty. With 18 cubic feet storage space at your disposal, your family will never lack space to store groceries. The fact that it has a huge storage capacity, very handy when shopping for fresh food supplies for a whole month!

With a spacious and attractive interior, the inbuilt LED light illuminates your foodstuff when the door is opened.  On the overall, this fridge beats all the French door models of the same calibre. Certainly, it is value for money when you consider available storage space, interior design and exterior finish.

Best refrigerator brands Kenya

Samsung RT64K6541SL double door fridge

Features of the Samsung RT64K6541SL Family Fridge

  • Capacity: 500 litres, 18.0 cubic feet
  • Weight: 39.4Kg
  • Made from energy efficient technology
  • Has inbuilt water dispenser, accessible from the lower door
  • Moisture control technology
  • Frost free
  • Twin cooler technology
  • Family size vegetable box
  • Silver in colour
  • Compressor: Digital inverter
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Inbuilt storage trays (for eggs, ice chilling)
  • Movable shelves
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty

Best MIKA Fridge Prices in Kenya

MIKA MRDCD105SBR Double Door Refrigerator

A decade back, the refrigeration appliance market was largely controlled by only two or three major fridge makers. However, MIKA fridges are fast gaining ground on the niche market in Kenya. This due to energy efficiency and durability. Indeed the main selling point for MIKA fridges are: affordability, durability and lower power consumption. MIKA fridge prices in Kenya are some of the lowest only rivaled by Bruhm fridges.

Hence, when you buy the MIKA MRDCD105SBR double door refrigerator, you will get to enjoy low running costs for a very long time.

best fridge brand in Kenya

MIKA MRDCD105SBR double door refrigerator

Features of the MIKA MRDCD105SBR Double Door Refrigerator

  • Fridge storage capacity: 212 litres; 10.5 Cubic feet
  • Finish: Silver brush color
  • Model: double door fridge
  • Bottle/ can holders
  • Vegetable storage box
  • Lock and key
  • Egg tray
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Interior lighting
  • One year warranty

Super General Fridges

Super General SGF-210H Chest Freezer

The Super General SGF-210H Chest Freezer offers you quick freezing, multi cooling mode, external condenser and a balanced hinge design. Moreover, the interior is made in such a way that it is easy to clean.

best fridge brands in Kenya

Super General SGF-210H Chest Freezer

Features of the Super General SGF-210H Chest Freezer

  • Storage capacity: 200 litres; 7.1 cubic feet
  • Physical dimension: 99.6cm by 56.6cm by 83.6cm
  • Weight: 39Kg
  • Model: deep freezer fridge
  • Finish: White color
  • Removable storage basket
  • Transparent sliding glass door
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • CFC free
  • Compressor indicator light
  • External condenser
  • Multiple cooling mode
  • Cooling fan
  • Interior lighting lamp
  • Lock and key
  • One year deep freezer warranty
  • Five year warranty on the compressor

Super General SGR896SBS-SS Side by Side Refrigerator

Fridge brands to buy Kenya

Super General SGR896SBS-SS Side by Side Refrigerator

Features of the Super General SGR896SBS-SS Side by Side Refrigerator

  • Refrigerator capacity: 700 litres
  • Model: Side by Side French door design
  • Without locks and key
  • Nett Weight: 108Kg
  • Fridge physical dimensions: 1788mm H by 895mm W by 745mm D
  • Finish: Grey Color
  • Double freezer compartments
  • Double vegetable boxes
  • Carbon filter
  • Glass shelves
  • Digital control panel
  • Cooling technology: auto defrost
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • LED interior lighting
  • Ice maker complete with ice tray
  • Water dispenser
  • Easy to access fridge door design
  • One year refrigerator warranty

Getting the Best Fridge Brands in Kenya

Despite the fact that all major fridge brands tend to be almost similar in specifications, the technology at the time of manufacture play a critical role. Admittedly, the new model refrigerators are normally energy efficient in comparison with the refrigerators manufactured, say, 10 years ago. Either way, this is a constant factor across the board no matter manufacturer authority notwithstanding.

In as much as refrigerator storage capacity has much influence on the price of the fridge. This is not always the case. In other words, the biggest refrigerator is not always the best. As an illustration, it does not make much sense for a household of two to purchase French door refrigerator. Even though, having a big refrigerator in your kitchen appears luxurious. Sometimes it does not. And in most cases you might end up underusing its capacity.

To put it another way, when planning to buy a new refrigerator let it not be pompous. It is important to purchase a refrigerator which is practical yet still sophisticated and stylish. The most awesome thing best fridge prices is that what you see is usually what you get. No more, no less. Not unless there is a special promo from the merchant.

To return to the subject, the top freezer refrigerator model are more popular due to their affordability and simple design. As matter of fact, you can buy a double door top freezer fridge for something lower than Ksh 30,000 in Kenya. On the whole, they have a small door freezer section at the top and a larger door for the refrigeration part. This is convenient to most fridge buyers who do not use the freezer section regularly. On the other hand, the French door refrigerators tend to be pricier in comparison to the top freezer fridges.