Best Fridges In Kenya Under 25K

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Best Fridges below Ksh 25,000 in Kenya

Best Fridges in Kenya Under Ksh 25000

With different fridge brands in the market, shopping for a brand new refrigerator can be a very consuming task. The price of a refrigerator is a very critical factor in purchase decisions, we have done a review of the best fridges in Kenya under Ksh 25000. We realize that shoppers have a specific budget in mind when thinking of buying a refrigerator. Hence the price list of fridges for less than 25K.

Of course, there are certain factors you will consider before buying the refrigerator. Most obvious factors to be considered include the price of the refrigerator, its features, and design. Nevertheless, these considerations differ from one customer to another.

Above all, it is important to get the floor space calculation right. This is because some refrigerator brands are in fact wider than the rest of the same capacity. Thus, a very small space in the kitchen might mean that your refrigerator will be stationed in the not so ideal location. Even so, some kitchen doors are narrower and it can be a challenge trying to squeeze in your new refrigerator without scratching the surface. Door size is a key consideration especially when you are planning to buy a family fridge e.g. the French door refrigerator model.

Best Ramtons fridges in Kenya under Ksh 25000

Ramtons RF/256 single door fridge

Ramtons RF/256 single door fridge has a narrow frame design. Therefore, it can easily fit into most kitchens with limited space. The shelves are perfectly spaced so that you don’t stack food.

At Ksh 18,495, the Ramtons RF/256 single door fridge is easily one of the cheapest Ramtons fridges in the market. However, the top freezer fridge design has meant that the manufacturer made a trade-off between more storage and customer convenience. This is so that they can deliver the refrigerator at a friendly price point.

Ramtons fridges below 25K in Kenya

Ramtons RF/256 Single Door Refrigerator

Features of the Ramtons RF/256 single door fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 90 litres
  • Nett weight: 22Kg
  • Model: single door with direct cool technology
  • Finish: titan silver colour
  • Wire shelves
  • CFC free
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Ramtons RF/173 Double Door Refrigerator

The Ramtons RF/173 Double Door Refrigerator is a smaller version of the Ramtons RF/241 two door fridge. Hence, it is a perfect fridge for buyers on a tight budget. Nonetheless, it comes with awesome features albeit with a smaller storage capacity.

However, depending on your refrigeration needs and size of the household, the 128 litres storage capacity could still be adequate particularly for a family of less than five.

Ramtons Refrigerator price Kenya

Ramtons RF/173 Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Ramtons RF/173 Double Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 128 litres
  • Finish: Silver color
  • Model: double door top freezer fridge
  • Cooling system: direct cool technology
  • Zanussi compressor
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Spacious fresh vegetable box
  • CFC free
  • In-door style bottle holders
  • Transparent storage shelves
  • One manufacturer warranty

Best Bruhm fridges in Kenya under Ksh 25000

Bruhm fridges in Kenya especially the single door refrigerators are very popular among the working class because of quality and an attractive price point. Then Bruhm BRS 200 single door direct cool fridge which is currently retailing at Ksh 23,990 is easily one of the best fridges in Kenya.

This Bruhm fridge model has inbuilt quality shelves. Moreover, it has a spacious freezer section and a vegetable drawer. The vegetable drawer is essential for sustaining appropriate moisture levels a key requirement for keeping vegetables and fruits fresh.

Refrigerators are some of the most durable kitchen appliances. An extended warranty period is a clear indicator that it was meant to last long. This refrigerator comes with a two year warranty. Buyers will also benefit from an additional five year compressor warranty.

Child safety is usually a necessary requirement for households with young children. Use the refrigerator door lock and the key to keep the toddlers away fthe rom fridge when an adult is not nearby.

Best cheap fridges in Kenya

Bruhm BRS 200 Single Door Refrigerator

Features of the Bruhm BRS 200 single door direct cool fridge

  • Maximum storage capacity: 170 litres
  • Finish: Floral Silver and Floral Red Colour
  • Weight: 45 Kg
  • Make: single door complete with lock and key
  • Spacious separate freezer section
  • Internal lighting
  • Adjustable legs
  • External condenser
  • Direct cool technology
  • Ergonomic fridge grip handle
  • Two year appliance warranty; additional 5 year compressor warranty

Bruhm Refrigerators with direct cool system

Most modern refrigerators, particularly the Bruhm double door fridges are frost free. Unlike the other fridges, Bruhm BRS 200 single door direct cool fridge was manufactured with a different type of cooling technique. That being the case, you will realize that direct cool technology will significantly reduce power usage.

Internal fridge design and arrangement

The internal design of the fridge enhances accessibility. For instance, the in-door style for keeping eggs on one level and keeping beverage cans and drinks on the other. The different shelves levels can also be used to keep things organized and easily accessible.

Physical dimensions

In terms of physical appearance, the single door refrigerator will not occupy a lot of your kitchen floor space. Nonetheless, it is better to be sure of the measurements for the space available in your kitchen. Also, it is important to note that the refrigerator is not that bulky. As a matter of fact, it can be moved from one corner of your kitchen to the other. This means that you will not have a hard time when cleaning the fridge. See also a summary of the simple and quick tips for cleaning your refrigerator.

Bruhm BCF – 398SD Chest Freezer

The Bruhm BCF – 398SD Chest Freezer is fitted with cool pack technology that sustains cooling during emergency power cut. Actually, the cool pack system gives you about 8 hours cooling which is fair enough given that power blackout rarely lasts a over five hours.

What is more, the Bruhm BCF – 398SD Chest Freezer is fitted with an LVS compressor hence you do not necessarily have to purchase a fridge guard device. All in all, the deep freezer is highly durable and quite affordable.

best chest freezers, cheap but quality

Bruhm BCF - 398SD Chest Freezer

Features of the Bruhm BCF – 398SD Chest Freezer

  • Storage capacity: 300 litres; 11.0 cubic feet
  • Finish: White color
  • Nett weight: 70Kg
  • Model: deep freezer fridge
  • LED internal lighting
  • Cool pack technology
  • Twin condenser
  • Wheels for mobility
  • Large wire basket
  • Internal sliding glass door
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Best MIKA Fridges in Kenya under 25K

Mika SF125W Chest Freezer

The MIKA SF125W Chest Freezer features a digital temperature control panel.  Aside from the turbo freeze function, the deep freezer is built with thick thermal insulation, and cool pack technology to sustain cooling during an emergency power blackout. In short, the MIKA SF125W Chest Freezer was designed for low power consumption.

best fridges to buy Kenya below 25K

MIKA SF125W Chest Freezer

Features of the MIKA SF125W Chest Freezer

  • Storage capacity: 99 litres
  • Finish: White color
  • Net weight: 31Kg
  • Physical dimensions: 57.5cm by 59cm by 88.8cm
  • Model: deep freezer fridge
  • Internal sliding glass door
  • Tropicalized compressor
  • External condenser
  • Internal finish: Silver lining
  • Wire basket
  • LED illumination lamp
  • Thermal insulation
  • Cooling fan
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Best Armco Fridges in Kenya under 25K

ARMCO ARF-D138(W) – Double Door fridge

At Ksh 19,995, the ARMCO ARF-D138(W) – Double Door fridge is a best buy considering almost all double door fridges start retail at Ksh 25,000 and above. In terms of performance, ARMCO ARF-D138(W) refrigerator is energy efficient complete with an inbuilt surge protector. In the event of a power blackout, the power saver mode steps in to sustain cooling for up to 9 hours.

best refrigerator brand Kenya

ARMCO ARF-D138(W) - Double Door Fridge

Features of the ARMCO ARF-D138(W) – Double Door fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 90 litres, 5.0 cu. Ft.
  • Nett weight: 22Kg
  • Finish: White in colour
  • Shelves: made of glass
  • Power saver mode: 9 hours
  • Freezer compartment
  • Three year manufacturer warranty

Best Von Hotpoint fridges in Kenya under 25K

The Von Hotpoint HRD-231W single door fridge

Von Hotpoint HRD-231W single door fridge is your ideal kitchen appliance for preserving fresh fruits and vegetables. This is because the vegetable box will sustain the right humidity which is important in keeping your fresh food supplies for an extended period of time. Also, the adjustable shelves assures of extra space for food. The ergonomic handle means that your fingers will not strain while opening the fridge.

The only challenge is that tall guys will have to slightly bend over in order to access food in the fridge. Still, this challenge can be handled by placing the refrigerator on top of a raised surface.

Von Hotpoint fridges under Ksh 25000

Von Hotpoint HRD-231W Single Door Fridge

Features of the Von Hotpoint HRD-231W single door fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 190 litres, 8.0 cu. ft.
  • Nett weight: 70Kg
  • Model: single door with lock and key
  • Energy efficiency: 4 star rating
  • Finish: White in colour
  • Wire shelves
  • Vegetable box
  • LED interior lighting
  • Freezer compartment
  • Ergonomic door handle
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Bruhm BCF-SD100 Chest Freezer

The Bruhm BCF-SD100 Chest Freezer is a medium range deep freezer perfect for use at home. It can also be used in a fast food restaurant on a small scale operation. Even though Bruhm BCF-SD100 Chest Freezer features an energy efficient compressor it is still fast at freezing.

best Bruhm fridges in Kenya

Bruhm BCF - SD100 Chest Freezer

Features of the Bruhm BCF-SD100 Chest Freezer

  • Storage capacity: 105 litres; 4.5 cubic feet
  • Net weight: 10Kg
  • Finish: Silver color
  • Model: deep freezer fridge
  • External temperature adjustment panel
  • Wire basket
  • Lock and key
  • Tough freezer handle
  • Lighting lamp for illumination
  • Energy efficient compressor
  • Two year manufacturer warranty


Super General SGR-198HS Double Door Refrigerator

Even though not a much known brand name, the Super General fridge models have exceeded expectations in the market. For example, the Super General SGR-198HS Double Door Refrigerator is not only cost effective but also practical and efficient.

refrigerators below Ksh 25,000

Super General SGR-198HS Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Super General SGR-198HS Double Door Refrigerator

  • Refrigerator capacity: 198 litres; 6.9 cubic feet
  • Fridge design: double door with a top freezer
  • Cooling technology: direct cool system
  • Internal lighting lamp
  • Transparent vegetable box
  • Bottle and can holders on fridge section
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Weight: 35Kg
  • Physical dimensions: 48cm L by 53cm W by 137cm H
  • Finish: Silver Color
  • Tropicalized compressor
  • Shelf type: Wire Shelves
  • CFC free
  • One year refrigerator warranty
  • 5 years warranty for the compressor

Extras on best fridges in Kenya under Ksh 25000

The mini freezer compartment

The mini freezer compartment usually has a consistent temperature for long periods. Due to the temperature uniformity, you should not be under so much pressure to clear all the day’s food. Whatever food remains after dinner, do not throw it away, pack it nicely in a container and keep it in the freezer. It will still be as fresh on your next serving.

The vegetable box

Any fridge with a vegetable box normally offers assurance for the right humidity. The right humidity is required to sustain freshness in vegetables and fruits. On your next grocery shopping, ensure you pick fresh vegetables and fruits. Moreover, make sure that the expiry date for your food items is still far away. Fresh supplies will keep your refrigerator smelling nice and fresh.

When buying a fridge, physical size is critical

Before purchasing your refrigerator, you have to be sure of the available space in the kitchen. Even though most kitchen appliances like the microwaves and cookers do conform to a standardized physical size. You will realize that fridges do not conform to a standard physical size. In as much as refrigerators may appear similar physically, height and width usually differ. Hence, you will find that a 200 litre refrigerator from one brand appears physically different from a 200 litre fridge from another fridge brand.

Refrigerator positioning

The refrigerator should be placed in a good location in the kitchen. Correct positioning leads to efficiency and accessibility to the kitchen. Wrong fridge positioning might mean that nobody will be able to access the kitchen conveniently when the fridge door is opened. Thus, you will be required to leave some space to enable all kitchen users to conveniently access the kitchen even if the fridge is open.

The French door refrigerators

Be that as it may, the French door fridges rank highly in terms of performance and advanced features. For instance, they have an inbuilt ice maker, water dispenser, an extra compressor which is not available in the ordinary fridge models. However, you will pay more in order to purchase it. Incidentally, their power consumption is typically higher than the single door fridges. Fortunately, French door fridges are worth the price.

When all is said and done, it is always advisable to buy a refrigerator that has the power save feature. This feature assures you that your food will not go bad the moment there is a power cut. The power saver feature usually kicks in to support cooling for up to 12 hours during which time you can organize for an alternative source of power. Good news is, most best fridges in Kenya under 25K have a power save feature.

In as much as mini fridges are popular among small families and offices, deep freezers are the perfect for bulk shoppers. Hence, large families that shop in bulk would prefer chest freezers to single door fridges. This is because deep freezers have a huge storage capacity. And as such can fit as much a whole months for supply.

In spite of this compilation of the best fridges in Kenya under Ksh 25000, you can still see a more comprehensive monthly price list of the best fridges in Kenya below Ksh 30,000.

Check out the latest list of the best fridges to buy in Kenya.

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