Buying A Fridge In Kenya: Everything You Need To Know

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Best Fridges in Kenya

With the growing urbanization and ever-expanding middle class, having a fridge is no longer a luxury but a necessity in many Kenyan homes. Thus our comprehensive reviews of the best fridges in Kenya. A refrigerator performs one basic important function of keeping food cold and extending its shelf life. This translates to cost saving as food that would otherwise have gone bad is available for use.

Because the fridge you buy today will certainly last several years, it is important to select the most suitable fridge when you want to buy a new fridge or upgrade from an existing one.  To make your fridge search easier, you can read through our in-depth fridge review articles to know key features of each fridge available in Kenya, its advantages, weakness, performance rating and its current fridge price in Kenya.

Different Types of Fridges in Kenya

There are currently six types of fridges available in the Kenyan market today.

Top Freezer Fridge

Fridge Reviews, Ratings, Buying Guides and Prices in Kenya

This is the most common fridge type available in Kenya. Top freezer fridges, which are also known as ‘euro design ‘ are common in the UK and former British colonies like Kenya. In a top freezer fridge, the freezer compartment is on top with the rest of the refrigerator below

One main advantage of this type of fridge is that it balances between optimizing storage space while being able to fit in fairly small spaces. However, this fridge needs enough room to allow for a wide swing of its doors. Users must also get used to bending or crouching to reach the lower shelves and vegetable bin.

Bottom Freezer Fridge

Fridge Reviews, Ratings, Buying Guides and Prices in Kenya

The bottom freezer fridge is the exact opposite of the top freezer fridge. Here the freezer compartment is at the bottom while the refrigerator is on top. The bottom freezer is common in the US but has in the past years found its way into the Kenyan market. In terms of comparison, bottom freezer vs top freezer; the top freezer fridge is the better option as it is pocket-friendly, more energy efficient and more spacious than the bottom freezer.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the past few years, most fridge designs have broken with the traditional models. Instead of having the freezer and the fridge with separate doors, today’s fridge designs have single doors; where the freezer and fridge share a single door.
Fridge prices Kenya

Single door fridge

French Door Fridge

Fridge Reviews, Ratings, Buying Guides and Prices in Kenya

The French door fridge is fairly a new fridge worldwide as they become widely available for sale from 2005. The name French door is derived from the French door architectural structure that the fridge uses. The French door fridge has two side by side compartments at the top with a freezer drawer at the bottom.

In Kenya, the French door fridge is not widely available due to its high price tag. LG and Samsung are the only fridge brands in Kenya that sell the French door fridge. French door fridges are considered energy savers as you will only be opening one door at a time thus not affecting cooling in the other compartments.

Compact/ Mini/ Table Top /Bar Fridge

Fridge Reviews, Ratings, Buying Guides and Prices in Kenya

These are refrigerators that are smaller in size and capacity. They are suitable for small spaces and for people who do not have a lot of food to store in the fridge. Mini fridges have become very common in Kenya and are most preferred by singles and young families. Additionally, they have more mobility and their prices are very pocket-friendly…

Side by Side Fridge

Fridge Reviews, Ratings, Buying Guides and Prices in Kenya

Side by side fridges features a fridge on one side and freezer on the other. Modern side by side fridges come with water dispensers and several cutting-edge features like an intelligent temperature control system. Side by Side fridges in Kenya is very expensive but available at all leading fridge stores in Kenya.

What to Look for When Buying A Fridge In Kenya

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a fridge to buy in Kenya.

Price of the Fridge

This is one of the most paramount factors to fridge buyers in Kenya. Fridge prices in Kenya depend on several factors including brand and features. Typically, you can get a decent family fridge in Kenya with a budget of between KES 25,000- KES 40,000.  To get the best fridge price for your model, it is important to visit several stores to identify one that is most cost-effective. To save on this time-consuming venture, you can easily use our fridge prices in Kenya comparison table to get the best price for your fridge.

If you are looking for a fridge in Kenya on a budget, you can go for refurbished Ex-UK fridges. These are refrigerators that have been used in the UK and refurbished for sale in Kenya.  Though it is not advisable to go for cheap fridges, you can still get good quality cheap fridges in Kenya that go for less than KES 25,000.

Fridge Capacity And Room Size

Your house size and fridge usage will definitely determine the size of the fridge you should buy. For many typical Kenyan homes with a family size of fewer than 6 members, medium size fridges come highly recommended. This is because they are affordable and can easily fit in most rental houses where the kitchens are not that spacious.

Before buying any fridge, it is advisable to measure the available space where you plan to place your fridge. Check that there will be adequate space to allow for ventilation, ability to swing open its doors and that it can pass through your doors.

Fridge Performance

Performance of your fridge is very important as no one would like a refrigerator that takes hours to cool leading to spoiled food. A good fridge is one which has temperature uniformity and can self-regulate. Additionally, the fridge you choose should be one which will not compromise on performance only after a few years.  The best way you can know how a fridge performs is through reading our in-depth fridge reviews.

Key Features

Check that the fridge you intend to buy will provide you with the following features;

  • Flexible Storage Options – The fridge should have adjustable shelves to allow you to organize the fridge in the most suitable way and according to your preference. Additionally, it should have several door shelves to create room for bottles.
  • Humidity Controlled Vegetable/Fruit Bin – Essentially vegetables require high humidity to keep fresh for longer while fruits require low humidity to be fresh. When purchasing a fridge, it is important to check whether there  is a humidity controlled vegetable/fruit bin
fridge prices kenya

Vegetable/Fruit bin humidity control

  • Adequate Lighting – Modern fridges come with an automatic lighting system that light the fridge whenever the fridge door is open. The light is also an indicator that the fridge door is not properly closed.
  • Defrost Ability – Most fridges today come with a defrost button that gives you a hustle free way to get rid of ice that forms on the walls of the freezer. Do not get a fridge with no defrost ability. This will force you to leave your fridge open for hours to get the ice on freezer walls to melt away. More technologically advanced fridges undertake to defrost automatically.
  • Ice Making Ability – When you buy any fridge, ensure it comes with an ice cube maker tray or compartment to allow you to make ice cubes.

Energy Saving

As most fridges in homes run on power 24/7, there will definitely be a rise in your electricity bills. The most effective way to save on energy bills is to purchase an energy saving fridge. The energy star logo on a fridge indicates that it is energy efficient. The more stars on the energy rating card, the more energy efficient your fridge is.

fridge energy saving, fridge prices kenya

If you are buying a refurbished or Ex-UK fridge, it is important to know when it was manufactured and how long it has been in use. Do not buy a fridge that has been in use for more than 7 years as it is not energy efficient.


NEVER buy a fridge that has no warranty. A warranty is very important as it gives you the assurance that in case the fridge does not function properly, it will be replaced or issue a fix at no cost.  Additionally, a warranty is proof that the manufacturer has trust in their products. In Kenya, many fridges have a warranty of one year.

Best Fridge Brands To Buy in Kenya

For several years, fridges in Kenya were dominated by traditional brands like Samsung, LG, and Ramtons. However, these companies are currently facing stiff competition from new entrants like Hisense, Bruhm, Mika, IceCool, Whirlpool, Von Hotpoint and Armco.

Which fridge brand is best for you? Ultimately, the fridge brand you decide to buy is purely a personal choice.  You can, however, rest assured that the above brands are trustworthy. To help you make an informed decision, you can read our in-depth fridge reviews, ratings, buying guides and get to know all the latest fridge prices in Kenya.

Where to Buy A Genuine And Quality Fridge In Kenya

To get the best fridge for your home, it is important to buy it from a reputable and genuine fridge seller in Kenya. Here are some of the best places to buy a genuine and quality fridge in Kenya.fridge prices in kenya

Authorized Shops

There are several authorized shops in all major town in Kenya that sell genuine and quality fridges. If you want a Samsung fridge in Kenya, it is important to walk to a Samsung authorized shop to purchase your fridge. If in doubt, kindly inquire whether the store is authorized first. Buying your refrigerator from an authorized shop is highly recommended. This is because you will get a genuine warranty and technical support in case your fridge has issues.

Major Supermarkets

Another place to buy genuine and quality fridges are at major supermarkets chains like Carrefour, Tuskys, Naivas, and Nakumatt. These supermarkets have agreements with fridge manufactures to sell their products, meaning you will get genuine fridges.  Supermarkets will test the fridge for you and transport it to your home at a small fee.

Online Shops

With more Kenyans shopping for electronics online, you can purchase your fridge online at the comfort of your home. Jumia is one of the major online shops in Kenya where you can buy genuine fridges at affordable pricing. One major advantage of buying your fridge from Jumia is that they deliver the fridge at your doorstep. This is regardless of the location in Kenya, whether in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kakamega, Mombasa or Garissa. Additionally, there are regular Jumia fridge offers every month where fridge prices are discounted up to even 50% 

How to Properly Take Care of Your Fridge

A fridge is an important appliance and investment in your home that should be properly looked after.  A well-maintained fridge will not only extend the life of your refrigerator but will help you avoid costly repairs in the future. There are three things that should be done when it comes to proper care of your fridge.

  1. Cleaning your fridge
  2. Improving the energy efficiency of your fridge
  3. Fridge safety

Cleaning Your Fridge

fridge prices in kenya

  • Always clean the interior of your fridge on a regular basis
  • Wipe the interior with a cotton cloth dipped in baking soda to help get rid of odors
  • Ensure the fridge is properly ventilated with adequate space around it for air circulation
  • Periodically clean underneath the fridge and remove dust covering from condenser coils

Improving Energy Efficiency of Your Fridge

  • Avoid opening the fridge door unnecessarily – this prevents warm air from getting into the fridge slows down the cooling process
  • Ensure the door rubber seals are fully intact and sealed tightly to prevent cold fridge air from leaking
  • Do not palace how or warm food in the fridge. This results in the fridge using more energy to cool the food
  • Remove dust from condenser coils twice a year to improve its efficiency
  • Do not set your fridge temperature to maximum. This means more energy is used to keep the temperature at maximum cooling
  • Defrost freezer compartment regularly as the thick layer of ice acts as an insulator. This makes the fridge use more energy to cool the fridge

Fridge Safety

  • Have a fridge guard to protect your fridge as the power in Kenya can be sometimes unreliable
  • Do not put your fridge near cooking appliances such as ovens
  • When transporting your fridge, do not transport it lying down as compressor oil may get into the suction pipes and result in fridge malfunction.
  • If you move your fridge or are just from transporting it, leave it upright for at least 2 hours before plugging it on.

How to Store Food in your Fridge

Where to Store Food in your Fridge

Best Fridges Prices in Kenya

If you really want to purchase a good fridge at the best price in Kenya, you should definitely read our in-depth fridge reviews. We have reviewed all fridges in Kenya to help you know all the latest fridge prices in Kenya including the best-priced fridge retailers.