Double Door Fridges In Kenya, Best Pick, Features & Prices

Bruhm Double Door fridge price

Double Door Fridges Prices in Kenya

Be that as it may, double door fridges provide a bigger capacity to store more food at its freshest condition for the longest period possible. However, getting value for money from a double door refrigerator starts with taking the correct decision at the time of purchase. This is why we have highlighted the best pick double door fridge prices in Kenya today to help you make a good buying decision.

In any case, buying fridge decisions revolve around the best price offer, energy efficiency, and storage capacity. Other factors that may also affect the buying decision include warranty, available floor space at home or office and aesthetics. In as much as we have not reviewed all the fridges in the market, we have reviewed the top five fridges from capturing different brands, features, and prices.

Best Double Door Fridge Prices

Fridge ModelPrice
Haier HRF-3674BS - Double Door Fridge, 347LKSH 60,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/298 - Double Door Refrigerator, 511L, 7.0Cu. Ft.KSH 70,900 View More Details!
Armco ARF-D178(S) - Double Door Refrigerator, 118L, 6.0Cu. Ft.KSH 25,900 View More Details!
Bosch KGN33NL20G - Double Door Fridge, 279LKSH 71,900 View More Details!
Solstar 175-TDINB SS - Double Door Fridge, 138LKSH 27,950 View More Details!
Beko RDNT250I20S - Double Door Refrigerator 220L.KSH 47,900 View More Details!
Bruhm BRD 218F - Double Door Fridge, 220L, 8.0Cu. Ft.KSH 32,900 View More Details!
MIKA MRNF265XDM - Double Door Refrigerator, 251LKSH 38,900 View More Details!
Samsung RB37N4020B1 - Double Refrigerator, 284LKSH 80,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VART-18DMY - Double Door Fridge 138LKSH 25,900 View More Details!
LG GN-F702HLHU - Double Door Fridge, 546L, 19.28Cu. Ft.KSH 149,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VART-34NGK Double Door Fridge 261LKSH 52,900 View More Details!
Ramtons RF/293 - Double Door Refrigerator, 344LKSH 62,900 View More Details!
Midea HD-463FWEN - Double Door Fridge, 339LKSH 59,900 View More Details!
Samsung RT49K5052BS - Double Door Fridge, 375LKSH 100,990 View More Details!

Bruhm Double Door Fridges in Kenya

Bruhm BRD 520FF Top Freezer Refrigerator

The Bruhm BRD 520FF Top Freezer Refrigerator is a modern design double door fridge. For example, the refrigerator is designed to support multi-air flow cooling technology. This technology makes it super-efficient in terms of energy consumption. Furthermore, multi air flow system ensures that the fridge remains frost free the entire day.

Best fridge reviews In Kenya

Bruhm BRD 520FF Top Freezer Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Bruhm BRD 520FF Top Freezer Refrigerator

  • Fridge capacity: 498 litres, 19.0Cu. Ft.
  • Refrigerator weight: 42 Kg
  • Finish: Smooth Silver Color
  • Model: double door refrigerator
  • Cooling technology: frost free
  • Eggs tray
  • Bottle and can holders
  • Durable glass shelves
  • Ergonomic door handle
  • Large Vegetable box
  • Large Freezer compartment
  • Two-year refrigerator warranty
  • Five-year compressor warranty

The Bruhm BRD230 double door refrigerator 

Be that as it may, the Bruhm BRD230 double door fridges are fantastic freestanding kitchen appliances perfect for small families of four or five. It is one of the cheapest family fridges. This mid-range double door refrigerator is very popular among young executives because of the friendly price point and the assurance for durability. Unfortunately, Bruhm refrigerators are available only in a few color options.

Best Double Door Refrigerators Kenya

Bruhm BRD230 Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Bruhm BRD230 double door refrigerator

  • Maximum capacity: 190 litres
  • Nett weight: 35Kg
  • Finish: silver colour
  • Top deck freezer box
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Silent compressor operation
  • Thick door complete with lock and key
  • Two year manufacturer warranty

Ramtons Two Door Fridges In Kenya

The Ramtons RF/177 double door fridge

All things considered, the Ramtons two door refrigerators are well known for energy efficiency. Rapid cooling technology combined with temperature stability makes Ramtons RF/177 double door fridge a good pick. The refrigerator will easily fit into any kitchen with limited space due to the tall slim design. With 128 litres of storage capacity, and a beautiful finish, its price point is fair enough. This sleek appliance is ideal for an individual looking for cheap but quality double door refrigerators in Kenya.

Ramtons RF177 two door refrigerator price

Ramtons RF/177 Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Ramtons RF/177 double door fridges 

  • Maximum capacity: 128 litres
  • Nett weight: 48Kg
  • Model: compressor based
  • CFC free
  • Shelves
  • Thick double door
  • Finish: titan steel finish
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Ramtons RF/241 Double Door Refrigerator

The Ramtons RF/241 Double Door fridges are designed with hard top finish an indicator for model’s durability. It is fitted with quality door racks and storage shelves. Unlike the other mid-range Ramtons double door fridges, the Ramtons RF/241 Double Door Refrigerator gives you a lot of storage space whether in the freezer compartment or in the refrigerator section.

Ramtons double door fridges Kenya

Ramtons RF/241 Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Ramtons RF/241 Double Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 350 litres; 12.0 cubic feet
  • Model: top freezer double door fridge
  • Finish: Silver Color
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Large fresh vegetables box
  • Cooling system: direct cool technology
  • Removable wire shelves
  • Door racks
  • Ice tray
  • Eggs tray
  • CFC free
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Best Armco Double Door Refrigerators

The Armco ARF-D228 (W) double door fridges 

Looking at the overall features, the Armco fridge is known for simplicity and practicability. The hallmark of Armco ARF-D228 double door refrigerator is simplicity. It has just a few shelves and drawers to neatly organize your storage.  Surprisingly, the Armco double door refrigerator has more space for food and drinks. In case of power blackout, the power saver technology kicks in to sustain cooling for at least 9 hours. That means you have a lot of time to sort out your electricity issues before your foodstuff starts to go bad.

best refrigerators to buy for family in Kenya

Armco ARF-D228 (W) Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Armco ARF-D228 (W) double door refrigerator

  • Maximum capacity: 241 litres, 8.5 cu. Ft.
  • Nett weight: 22Kg
  • Finish: white colour
  • Power saver mode: 9 hours
  • Wire Shelves
  • Vegetable basket
  • Three year manufacturer warranty

Best MIKA Two Door Refrigerators

The MIKA MRDCD105WH double door fridges

For one, the MIKA fridge tend to be spacious in general. With Mika MRDCD105WH double door fridge definitely most of your foodstuff will be kept at eye level. No need to keep bending to reach your food. Unlike most top freezer fridge types, the MIKA MRDCD105WH double door refrigerator has a big size freezer compartment. This translates to more storage space for food and ice cream. The only drawback with the double door fridge models is that most people who are not frequent users might easily forget about any food kept in the freezer compartment.

MIKA two door refrigerator prices Kenya

MIKA MRDCD105WH Double Door Refrigerator

Features of MIKA MRDCD105WH double door refrigerator

  • Maximum capacity: 212 litres, 10.5 cu. Ft.
  • Nett weight: 22Kg
  • Large freezer compartment
  • Energy efficient compressor
  • Thick door complete with lock and key
  • CFC free
  • Vegetable box
  • Ice tray
  • Egg tray
  • Shelves made of glass
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Von Hotpoint Two Door Refrigerators

The Von Hotpoint HRD-502S double door fridges 

Von Hotpoint fridge lead the way in terms unique designs though comparatively expensive. If you are planning to buy a family fridge with massive storage space that can sustain a growing family of six, then Von Hotpoint HRD-502S double door refrigerator is what you should go for. Ignore the pricing because this Von Hotpoint refrigerator appliance is a king size double door fridge providing a king size value to your household.

On purchase, be sure of a 10 year warranty for the compressor. The extended warranty period is an indicator for long term durability.

Best Hotpoint refrigerators Kenya

Von Hotpoint HRD-502S Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Von Hotpoint HRD-502S double door fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 350 litres
  • Model: compressor based
  • Nett weight: 45Kg
  • Vegetable box
  • Thick door with lock and key
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Top deck chiller compartment
  • Ice tray, eggs tray,
  • Automatic defrost
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty on the compressor

Ramtons Two Door Direct Cool Refrigerator

The Ramtons RF/213 Double Door Fridge

Best Ramtons fridge below Ksh 30,000 are still the trendiest kitchen equipment in Kenya today. It will definitely be a cornerstone in your kitchen serving as the fundamental focal point for your growing family. This Ramtons top freezer fridge enables you to stock your frozen food supplies on the upper most part of the fridge. The beautiful thing about top freezers is that your kids will not interfere with the sensitive food stuff that requires double cooling. Additionally, you will not bend so much while sorting what in stock, an obvious drawback of the bottom freezer fridge.

Just the other family fridges we have highlighted above, the Ramtons Fridges are designed with electronic controls. That means they have an automatic defrost feature. The best thing about automatic defrost is that you will not be required to manually liquefy the unit to remove excess water as you do your regular cleaning. On the overall, the Ramtons top freezer fridge is a good pick considering its brand recognition, capacity and durability.

Ramtons RF257 two door refrigerator prices

Ramtons RF/213 Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Ramtons RF/213 double door fridges

  • Maximum capacity: 213 litres
  • Make: two door complete with lock and key
  • Dimensions: 142×55×53
  • CFC free
  • Colour: titan silver finish
  • Weight: 60Kg
  • Direct cool technology
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Bruhm Two Door Fridge Prices

The Bruhm BRD185 double door refrigerator

Bruhm has proven to be a manufacturer of quality and reliable home appliance. Bruhm fridge in Kenya is becoming very popular kitchen equipment. When shop around you will realize that even their pricing point is very favourable. A good example is Bruhm BRD185 double door refrigerator. This is the kind of fridge that will serve your small family comfortably for the next 10 years before thinking of an upgrade. Also, this Bruhm fridge can be purchased for use by a small office of about 10 to 15 employees where they get store their home made lunch. Below we have highlighted its main features:

Bruhm BRD185 double door fridge

Bruhm BRD185 Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Bruhm BRD185 double door fridges

  • Make: two door complete with lock and key
  • Weight: 30Kg
  • Internal LED lighting
  • CFC free
  • Silent operation mode
  • Sleek design with a classy grey colour
  • Maximum capacity: 184 litres, 6.5 cubic feet
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Bruhm BRD225 Double Door Refrigerator

With advancement in refrigeration technologies, an elegant fridge such as the Bruhm BRD225 double door refrigerator is easily one of the must have kitchen appliance in modern times. This is because it has spacious freezer compartment, adjustable shelves, in door style racks, and mid-size vegetable tray.  Furthermore, it has manual defrost feature thus high level energy efficiency. And a quiet compressor means that it does not produce a lot of noise when powered up.

Buying a new fridge happens only once in a long time. And so we expect a good refrigerator to last more than a decade. Bruhm is one of the best fridge brands that assures buyers of durability and reliability. In fact, this kind of durability is what you get when you purchase this Bruhm BRD225 double door refrigerator.

At only Ksh 24,990 Bruhm BRD225 double door refrigerator is one of the best fridges in Kenya below Ksh 30,000. So as a buyer you get to purchase a good refrigerator brand at a very good price. This is a good pick choice for a family of four or a large office of 15 to 20 employees.

double door fridge prices Kenya

Bruhm BRD225 Double Door Refrigerator

Salient features of the Bruhm BRD225 double door refrigerator

  • Maximum capacity: 210 litres, 8.0 cubic feet
  • Net weight: 35Kg
  • Make: double doors top freezer refrigerator design
  • Lockable door complete with key
  • Top freezer refrigerator design
  • Finish: metallic silver
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Manual defrost
  • Internal lighting system
  • In door style egg tray
  • Vegetable tray
  • Low noise operation
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty and an extra 5 years on the compressor

Other features Bruhm BRD225 double door refrigerator  

An extended warranty period. As you may have realized, most refrigerators only come with one year warranty period. However, Bruhm BRD225 double door refrigerator has a two year warranty period plus an additional 5 year warranty on the compressor. This extended warranty period is an assurance that the manufacturer took a keen interest in quality and durability.

The elegant design makes it a great appliance to complement the general look of a modern kitchen. This is because the silver finish speaks modernity, sophistication and finesse all rolled into one. Also, the freezer compartment was designed to be at the eye level. This makes it easy to operate especially if you are fond of keeping your foodstuff in the freezer compartment.

Samsung Two Door Fridge prices

Samsung RT49K5052BS Double Door Refrigerator

The Samsung RT49K5052BS Double Door Refrigerator is a spacious family fridge with an amazing multi cool setting for the fridge as well as the freezer compartment. Furthermore, it has an inbuilt cool pack technology that sustains internal air cooling for extended period in spite of emergency power cuts.

Samsung Double door fridge price

Samsung RT49K5052BS Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Samsung RT49K5052BS Double Door Refrigerator

  • Maximum storage capacity: 384 litres
  • Finish: Black color
  • Model: top mount freezer fridge
  • LED interior lighting system
  • Recessed fridge door handle
  • Non frosting
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Spacious fresh vegetables section
  • Chiller tray
  • Twin cooling
  • Digital compressor system
  • Deodorizer
  • In-door style bottle holders
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Super General SGR470CBNF Bottom Mount Fridge

Super General two door refrigerators Kenya

Super General SGR470CBNF Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge

Features of the Super General SGR470CBNF Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge

  • Capacity: 470 litres
  • Design: double door bottom freezer fridge
  • Cooling system: No frosting
  • Vegetable box
  • Freezer compartment with multiple shelving
  • Upper section for refrigerator
  • Lower section for freezer
  • Glass shelves
  • LED internal lighting system
  • Finish: Inox Color
  • Nett Weight: 72Kg
  • Refrigerator dimensions: 1970mm H by 600mm W by 600mm D
  • One year fridge warranty

Extras on double door refrigerators

Interior design

The fridges have inbuilt internal lighting which is good for illumination. The shelves are adjustable and can be removed by sliding out smoothly. So in case of any spills on the shelves, just slide them out, wipe them clean and slide them back in. All have vegetable boxes, eggs tray and ice tray.

Using the Freezer compartment

Most double door fridges we have highlighted above are built for rapid cooling especially for the freezer compartment. So after doing regular monthly shopping, be sure to store any food item, such as ghee, that requires rapid chilling in the freezer box.

Operational efficiency

For optimum operation your fridge requires adequate ventilation. Anything that can cause obstruction to air circulation should be moved. This can be achieved by leaving some space between the refrigerator and the nearby wall. Also, the stored foodstuff should not be placed very closely to the ventilation. When you buy a new fridge, it is recommended that you do not connect it immediately to power after installation. Give it 30 minutes to one hour before power up. Avoid frequent shut down as this increases power consumption on power up cycle.

Top freezer refrigerators

The top freezer model has two sections with two separate doors. The top most section is designated as the freezer compartment while the bottom section for general refrigeration. Unlike the single door fridges, double door fridge prices are manufactured to provide bigger storage capacity. Hence, they are ideal for bigger families with a bigger kitchen space.

You can also check out our recent reviews on the latest fridge prices in Kenya. If you are still undecided, you can go through our exhaustive guide for buying a fridge. See also recent reviews of the best fridges in Kenya.

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