Best Chest Freezers in Kenya; Best Pick, Features, & Prices

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Chest Freezer Prices in Kenya

Chest Freezers Prices in Kenya

An ordinary freestanding refrigerator will provide just enough storage space to sustain family needs, that is, keep groceries, vegetable, meat, and drinks. However, in a busy environment such as a restaurant or hotel, having a standard upright fridge will not be sufficient. This is because unlike the ordinary free-standing family fridge, the storage requirements for a restaurant is huge and only chest freezers can meet that. See below Deep Freezer Prices In Kenya.

Chest freezer prices vary depending on the brand and the storage capacity. Price variations notwithstanding, deep freezers are generally affordable in Kenya. Even so, We have reviewed a few deep freezers to help you make a choice for a new purchase. The reviews cover a mix of both commercial and kitchen chest deep freezers in Kenya.

Best Bruhm Chest Freezers in Kenya

The Bruhm BCF-398SD Chest Freezer

Bruhm is a manufacturer of some of the most reliable and extremely affordable chest freezers. The winner in the best selling chest freezer category, the prize goes to the Bruhm BCF-268SD chest freezer and the Bruhm BCF-398SD chest freezer. More specifically, the Bruhm BCF-398SD chest freezer would be ideal for commercial use.

Apart from being comparatively affordable, the Bruhm chest freezers are very durable and obviously spacious. Buyers have a choice for a standalone freezer unit with a capacity of 300 litres or the 200 litres model. By and large, Bruhm fridge is totally reliable.

Chest freezers prices in Kenya

Bruhm BCF-398SD Chest Freezer

Features of the Bruhm BCF-398SD Chest Freezer

  • Maximum capacity: 300 litres; 11.0 cu. Ft.
  • Nett weight: 70Kg
  • Make: compressor based
  • Enery saving mode: cool pack technology which enables cooling for up to 8 hours during power black out
  • LED lighting
  • Thick outer door complete with lock and key
  • Sliding glass door (inner door)
  • One year manufacturer warranty

The Bruhm BCF-268SD Chest Freezer

Best chest freezer reviews Kenya

Bruhm BCF-268SD Chest Freezer

Features of the Bruhm BCF-268SD Chest Freezer

  • Capacity: 200 litres; 7.5 cu. Ft.
  • Nett weight: 45Kg
  • Finish: Grey in colour
  • Door: sliding glass
  • A basket
  • LED lamp for internal illumination
  • Have wheels for mobility
  • One year warranty

The Bruhm BCF-268SD Deep Freezer

Another category of the Bruhm deep freezers is the Bruhm BCF-268SD chest freezer. This is a mid range deep freezer which is perfect for domestic use even though it can still be used in a small restaurant or hotel. All things considered, this appliance is energy efficient, very durable and extremely affordable. Also, it comes with casters to facilitate movement especially when rearranging your kitchen or during the regular fridge cleaning exercise.

Bruhm deep freezers Kenya

Bruhm BCF-268SD Deep Freezer

Features of the Bruhm BCF-268SD Deep Freezer

  • Capacity: 200 litres; 7.5 cu. Ft.
  • Weight: 45Kg
  • Finish: Grey in colour
  • Wire basket, storage separators
  • Have casters for mobility
  • LED lighting for internal illumination
  • Thick door with lock and key
  • One year warranty

Best Ramtons Chest Freezers in Kenya

The Ramtons CF/231 Chest Freezer

Ramtons is a trusted manufacturer of quality restaurant kitchen equipment. All things considered, durability and dependability are key the hallmark of the Ramtons Fridges. With 4 star energy efficiency rating, Ramtons Chest freezer stands out as one of the most efficient in its category. Furthermore, it is well insulated to minimize energy loss and preserve your fresh food supplies.

freezers fridges for sale Kenya

Ramtons CF/231 Chest Freezer

Features of the Ramtons CF/231 Chest Freezer

  • Capacity: 140 litres
  • Finish: white colour
  • Energy efficiency: 4 star rating
  • Wire basket
  • Thick door complete with lock
  • External condenser
  • One year warranty

Ramtons CF/235 Chest Freezer

Ramtons chest freezers are as durable and reliable as their counterpart Ramtons fridge. This is a home name for kitchen equipment. The company has proved to be the most trusted manufacturer of the most energy efficient kitchen appliances. For instance, the Ramtons CF/235 chest freezer has a 4 Star rating in terms of energy efficiency. This is multipurpose kitchen equipment suitable for storing both drinks and food items.

Ramtons CF/235 chest freezer comes with a removable storage basket. The storage basket basically is for keeping all the small items in the freezer in an organized fashion. Furthermore, most chest freezers come with compartment dividers. Hence, you can place different types of food stuff in different compartments. For instance, you the packaging with green peas can be placed separately from the package with chicken wings or gizzards. Picking an item from a neatly organized freezer increases efficiency at work. Be that as it may, stock taking is a common practise among restaurant operators. Thus, an organised freezer saves you time during stock taking.

Best Ramtons deep freezers Kenya

Ramtons CF/235 Chest Freezer

Specifications of the Ramtons CF/235 Chest Freezer

  • Maximum capacity: 230 litres
  • Thick door complete with lock
  • Rating: 4 Star
  • Internal LED light
  • Removable wire basket
  • Ice pack
  • External condenser
  • White color
  • Aluminium for interior finish
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Samsung Chest Freezers in Kenya

The Samsung RZ31K1133WW Chest Freezer

At 11.0 cu. Ft. Samsung chest freezer is has more than enough storage capacity to sustain hotel operation in a busy location. You can as well buy this chest freezer for use at home if there is enough floor space in the kitchen. Nevertheless, this Samsung freezer is ideal for running a restaurant or hotel business.

The Samsung Chest freezer is slightly expensive than the rest of the within its league. Nevertheless, you will ignore the pricing when you notice attractive value add features. For instance, it has a cool pack feature for continued cooling for up to 9 hours in case of power blackout. Even so, 9 hours of extra cooling is convenient enough to help you sort power blackout issues or get an alternative power source.

Best Samsung Chest freezers Kenya

Samsung RZ31K1133WW Chest Freezer

Features of the Samsung RZ31K1133WW Chest Freezer

  • Capacity: 300 litres; 11.0 cu. ft.
  • Nett weight: 39.4Kg
  • Finish: white colour
  • Two wire baskets
  • Thick door with lock and key (outer door)
  • One year warranty

MIKA Deep Freezer Prices in Kenya

The MIKA SF190 Chest Freezer

If you are not looking for lots of storage space, then MIKA SF190 Chest freezer will suffice. This is a fairly priced mid range chest freezer ideal for home use. The same is true with MIKA Fridge. Households with limited space will find MIKA SF190 Chest freezer desirable.

MIKA Deep Freezer Kenya

MIKA SF190 Chest Freezer

Features of the MIKA SF190 Chest Freezer

  • Capacity: 150 litres; 6.9 cu. Ft.
  • Nett weight: 22Kg
  • Finish: White in colour
  • Door: sliding glass
  • Removable basket
  • Thick outer door complete with lock
  • LED lighting for illumination
  • Caster wheels for mobility
  • One year warranty

Ice Cool Deep Freezer Prices in Kenya

The Ice Cool BD-219 Chest Freezer

Be that as it may, Ice Cool fridge are generally popular among the lower middle class professionals. Ice Cool has introduced a super efficient low noise compressor based chest freezer; the Ice Cool BD-219 chest freezer. With a price tag of Khs 31,000 for the 219 litres 7.7 cubic feet chest freezer; this will definitely be a valuable addition to your collection of kitchen appliance.

ICECOOL deep freezers Kenya

Ice Cool BD-219 Chest Freezer

Features of the Ice Cool BD-219 Chest Freezer

  • Maximum capacity: 219 litres; 7.7 cu. Ft
  • Nett weight: 41Kg
  • Make: compressor based
  • Finish: silver grey colour
  • Door with lock and key
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Armco Deep Freezer Prices in Kenya

The Armco AF-C08(K) Chest Freezer

This is a non-commercial deep freezer for personal use. Despite the capacity limitation, it has a sizeable wire basket for keeping the frequently used food items. Even Armco fridge tend to be affordable.

deep freezer prices Kenya

Armco AF-C08(K) Chest Freezer

Features of the Armco AF-C08(K) Chest Freezer

  • Storage capacity: 70 litres; 2.5 cubic feet
  • Nett weight: 22.19Kg
  • Finish: Grey Color
  • Physical dimensions: 435 by 625 by 870
  • Interior material: Silver Aluminum
  • One wire basket
  • Thick insulation
  • CFC Free
  • Quiet compressor operation
  • Warranty: two year manufacturer warranty

Von Hotpoint Deep Freezer prices In Kenya

The Von Hotpoint HCFM180WS Chest Freezer

With an external temperature adjustment buttons, you can literally adjust freezer cooling without opening the deep freezer. Further, the Von Hotpoint HCFM180WS deep freezer maintains a silver grey finish for both the external and internal look. Beautiful finish that gels with every kitchen wall color.

Deep chest freezer price Kenya

Von Hotpoint HCFM180WS Chest Freezer

Features of the Von Hotpoint HCFM180WS Chest Freezer

  • Storage capacity: 145 litres
  • Finish: Grey color
  • Weight: 10Kg
  • Model: deep freezer fridge
  • Internal sliding glass door
  • LED interior lighting
  • Very thick insulation material
  • CFC free
  • Low noise compressor operation
  • External condenser
  • Deep freezer door locking system
  • Recessed deep freezer handle
  • External temperature control buttons on the side

Whirlpool Deep Freezer Prices in Kenya

Whirlpool CF420T Chest Freezer

The Whirlpool CF420T Chest Freezer performs excellently in terms of energy efficiency. In fact, the deep freezer has an inbuilt technology that assures of energy savings of up to 30% when compared with other chest freezers. Amazingly, it will give you an extra 45 hours of cooling should there be an emergency power cut. Apart from the outstanding energy efficiency, it has good space management solutions. For instance, you will find two storage baskets complete with storage organizers.

Whirlpool Chest Freezer prices Kenya

Whirlpool CF420T Chest Freezer

Salient features of the Whirlpool CF420T Chest Freezer

  • Maximum storage: 311 litres
  • Net weight: 42Kg
  • Model: deep freezer
  • Physical dimensions: 118cm height by 69.8cm width by 91.6cm Length
  • Two storage baskets
  • Finish: White color
  • CFC Free
  • Temperature control external indicators
  • Storage organizers
  • Casters for ease of mobility
  • Interior finish: Aluminum lining
  • Freezer door lock and key
  • Interior lighting lamp
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Super General Chest Freezer Prices

Super General SGF-156H Chest Freezer

The Super General SGF-156H Chest Freezer is a mid-range deep freezer suitable for domestic use. Upon purchase, you will get to enjoy the multi cooling system, a wire basket and caster wheels for mobility.

Deep Freezer sale Kenya

Super General SGF-156H Chest Freezer

Features of the Super General SGF-156H Chest Freezer

  • Storage capacity: 100 litres; 3.5 cubic feet
  • Net weight: 28Kg
  • Physical dimensions: 54.5cm by 55.0cm by 84.6cm
  • Lamp for illumination
  • Finish: Grey Color
  • Model: deep freezer complete with locking key
  • Multi cooling modes
  • External condenser
  • Temperature control knob on the side
  • Wire basket
  • One year appliance warranty
  • Five compressor warranty

Super General SGF-328H Chest Freezer

The Super General SGF-328H Chest Freezer has a thick thermal insulation and an external condenser for efficient cooling. Due to its extra-large storage capacity, the Super General SGF-328H Chest Freezer is specifically suitable for commercial use.

Deep Freezer Price Kenya

Super General SGF-328H Chest Freezer

Features of the Super General SGF-328H Chest Freezer

  • Maximum storage capacity: 300 litres; 10.5 cubic feet
  • Finish: Grey Color
  • Model: large deep freezer
  • Net weight: 52Kg
  • Physical dimensions: 112cm by 70.5cm by 85cm
  • Model: deep freezer
  • Internal sliding glass door
  • Sturdy deep freezer handle
  • External condenser
  • CFC free
  • Silver interior finish
  • Castor wheels
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Bruhm BCF 650DD Chest Freezer

Chest freezers are your best bet for storing frozen food supplies when faced with limited space yet in need for an abundance of storage. Actually, the cheapest quality Bruhm fridges in Kenya are quite affordable. When you finally get to purchase Bruhm BCF 650DD chest freezer, you will realize that the manufacturer had restaurant or hotel business in mind. Apart from the generous space offering, this chest freezer comes with a sliding glass door. You can easily view what is available inside the freezer through the transparent sliding door.

Bruhm BCF 650DD Chest Freezer

Bruhm BCF 650DD Deep Freezer Specifications

  • Maximum capacity: 550 litres
  • Energy efficient compressor
  • Extra 10 hour peak freezing mode during power blackout
  • Internal LED Light
  • CFC free
  • Weight: 84Kg
  • Firm grip handle
  • Door complete with Lock
  • Removable wire basket
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Saturn ST-CF1910 Chest Freezer

The Saturn ST-CF1910 Chest Freezer interior finish was done with an anti-corrosive surface. Has an efficient cooling system that saves on power consumption. On the whole, the Saturn ST-CF1910 Chest Freezer was built for performance and a good long term investment.

best deep freezers Kenya

Saturn ST-CF1910 Chest Freezer

Features of the Saturn ST-CF1910 Chest Freezer

  • Storage capacity: 320 litres
  • Finish: White color
  • Weight: 30Kg
  • Model: deep freezer fridge
  • Wire basket
  • Sturdy handle
  • Tropicalized compressor
  • Aluminum interior finish
  • External condenser
  • Thick thermal insulator
  • Sliding glass lid
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • On year manufacturer warranty

Super General SGF155H Chest Freezer

best deep freezer price Kenya

Super General SGF155H Chest Freezer

Features of the Super General SGF155H Chest Freezer

  • Maximum storage capacity: 150 litres
  • Nett weight: 31Kg
  • Model: single door deep freezer
  • External finish: White Color
  • Thick insulation
  • Aluminum internal lining
  • External temperature control digital device
  • Wire basket
  • Without illumination lamp
  • Has castor for mobility
  • Deep freezer dimensions: 632mm W by 565mm H by 835mm D
  • One year warranty applies for the deep freezer

Extras on buying chest freezers and the prices

Before buying a chest freezer, consider the storage requirements. Also, you should consider the place of use, whether to use at home or in a commercial environment. Chest freezer specification will capture capacity in terms of cubic feet. Thus, the higher the number of cubic feet the bigger the storage you will have.

Other areas of consideration include the need for portability, energy efficiency, and other accessories such as storage dividers. Chest freezer aesthetics such as design and finish are minor but will likely increase the overall appeal.

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When shopping for a deep freezer, price, performance and features play a critical role. The chest freezers in the above reviews, passed so well on the price performance and features criteria.  Also, on the popularity scale, Bruhm chest freezer and Ramtons deep freezer some of the most popular chest freezers in the Kenyan market today. And in the upcoming Jumia black Friday promotions, you can easily purchase a chest freezer at almost half the price.

Simple tips for taking care of your chest freezer

Specifically, most deep freezers operate on manual defrost technology. Therefore, we recommend that you defrost the freezer periodically or as much as you possibly can to avoid ice buildup. The fact that, lack of regular defrosting impacts on the freezers performance. Even so, frost ends up occupying storage space reducing the available space which would otherwise be used for storing food supplies.

Nonetheless, it takes only a few do it yourself tips to sustain optimum freezer and energy efficiency. To begin with, avoid leaving the door to the freezer wide open for long. As a rule, keep the freezer door shut every time after use. When in fact, this helps in retaining the humidity at the required levels. As a result, low power consumption. When defrosting, it is important to keep the door open and the power turned off. After a successful manual defrost exercise, the deep freezer remain clean and most importantly dry.

Deep freezer Storage management tips

In summary, when it come to deep freezers, it is never enough to buy a chest freezer with lots of space. However, it usually boils down to efficient space management. That is why most deep freezers will come with wire baskets and storage dividers to help you get more from the available space. Additionally, the wire basket enables you to keep regularly used food on the upper deck to facilitate ease of access.

Secondly, ensure that the appliance is always full to capacity. Partial storage leads to high power consumption since the freezer has to use more power in order to keep the air inside cool. A fully stocked freezer leaves no room for warm air circulation. Furthermore, the packed food stuff will act as insulation. Hence, freezer humidity will remain more or less at the required levels all through the day.

Lastly, the freezer door gasket should be as clean as it possibly can. In the same way, you should have the door gasket replaced as soon as it starts to loosen. Equally, these freezer care tips also apply to the frost free freezer types. Although not very necessary due to the auto defrost technology. To wrap up, implementing these simple freezer maintenance tips will not only enhance freezer performance but also ensure durability.