Best Wine Coolers In Kenya; Features & Prices

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Von Hotpoint Wine Cooler

The best Wine Coolers in Kenya

If you are a lover of good wine, you probably know that they taste better when chilled. Better yet, keep your wine in the wine chiller and let them age. Wine, just as any other item of value, deserves proper storage. So, after a visit to your favorite wine store, you end up purchasing a whole case of assorted wine. You will definitely require a good wine fridge, better known as wine coolers in Kenya. Furthermore, wines require consistent, undisturbed temperatures.

Best Wine Fridge Prices In Kenya

Fridge ModelPrice
Ramtons RF/449 - 33 bottle Under counter Wine CoolerKSH 38,850 View More Details!
Samsung RW3EBSS - Wine Cooler, 33 Bottle CapacityKSH 42,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint HWN-571K - Wine Fridge, 56 Bottle CapacityKSH 45,900 View More Details!
MIKA MCW43 - Wine Fridge, 43 Bottle CapacityKSH 48,900 View More Details!
MIKA MCW72 - Wine Fridge, 72 Bottle CapacityKSH 60,900 View More Details!
Hotpoint Ariston WL36 - Wine Cooler, 36 Bottle CapacityKSH 119,900 View More Details!
Von Hotpoint VAWC-41DHK - Wine Cooler, 43 Bottle CapacityKSH 46,950 View More Details!

You might already have your family fridge at home and you are thinking why not keep your wine in the freezer. Well, that can work especially if your purpose is to keep the wine cold and not necessarily at the ideal cooling temperature. The only challenge of storing your expensive wine in the family fridge is that the wine might get too cold when you finally get to serve it. Still, it could be a bit warm when stored under normal room temperature.

Then you will start wondering how come your neighbor’s wine tastes better than your own yet you purchased the same brand from the same wine store. Hence, the need to have your own wine cellar to keep your expensive wine at the recommended cooling temperatures. With a good wine fridge, you will enjoy taking fine wine every dinner time.

Von Hotpoint Wine Coolers

The Von Hotpoint HWN-571K 56 bottle wine chiller

No doubt, keeping wine is an art. Also, wine like any other product will spoil if not taken care of nicely. That is why a good wine cellar has to have digital panels for maintaining the ideal temperatures for different types of wine. All wine lovers know the rules for fine dining, that is, the wine is best served when chilled.

Von Hotpoint fridges below Ksh 30,000 are becoming popular in Kenya. This is due to their affordability and durability. Under the wine chiller collection, this brand has the Von Hotpoint HWN-571K 56 bottle wine cooler. This appliance was obviously not made for the common man. It is important to note that its cooling technology is based on the latest compressor technology.

best wine coolers in Kenya

Von Hotpoint HWN-571K Wine Cooler

Salient features of the Von Hotpoint HWN-571K 56 bottle wine cooler

  • Storage capacity: maximum of 56 bottles
  • Shelves: made of wood
  • Door gasket
  • Integrated defrost technology
  • The wine fridge door is made of glass
  • Black in colour with a strip of grey along the edge
  • Digital display panel
  • Built in fan that evenly distributes cooling to all corners of the fridge
  • Digital temperature adjustment buttons
  • Child lock safety feature to keep children away
  • One year warranty

Samsung Wine Coolers

The Samsung RW33EBSS wine cooler

Brighten your weekends with a bottle or two of fine wine. Enjoy a quiet afternoon with family and friends and never worry about running short of wine supply. This is the assurance you get from the Samsung RW33EBSS wine fridge. Because you can now stock as many as 30 bottles of wine, whether white or red, sweet or dry!

Samsung brand is actually huge in the region, hence the unique price point despite the limitation in terms of capacity. Capacity issues aside, the Samsung wine chiller comes with a lock and key to keep your pesky guests from unauthorised access. Moreover, it produces extremely low noise and intermittent every once in a while.

best wine cooler reviews in Kenya

Samsung RW33EBSS Wine Cooler

Specifications of the Samsung RW33EBSS wine fridge

  • LCD display
  • The door is made of glass
  • Recessed Door handle
  • Has capacity for 33 bottles with a net weight of 37Kg
  • Digital buttons to adjust temperatures
  • LED control panel
  • LED interior light
  • Appearance: free standing with levelling legs
  • Available in black, dark grey and white colours
  • One year warranty

MIKA Wine Coolers

The MIKA MWC43 wine chiller

MIKA MCW43 wine cooler is a free standing refrigeration appliance which can be kept in any room at home or in the office.  This equipment guarantees your wine will be chilled at the ideal temperature. Mika wine cooler has a strong anti UV glass door that protects the wine bottles from direct UV rays even if the chiller sits somewhere next to the window.

The sliding shelves are a plus to the MIKA Wine chiller. The shelves not only make it easy to view the wine collection but also ensure that each bottle can be removed independent without touching the rest. In any case, buy a wine cooler that will store your wine at the recommended temperatures. When you keep wine at the correct temperatures, you will realize that it actually retains its original flavour and emits a nice aroma.

wine fridges reviews Kenya

MIKA MWC43 Wine Cooler

Features of the MIKA MWC43 wine chiller

  • Maximum capacity: 43 bottles
  • Transparent double coated glass door
  • Aluminium handle
  • LED control panel display
  • Three level shelves
  • Free standing with adjustable legs
  • Digital control panel
  • UV protection
  • One year manufacturer warranty

MIKA MWC72 Wine Chiller

The MIKA MWC72 Wine Chiller is the longer, larger version of the MIKA MWC43 Wine Fridge. However, all the other features remain constant despite the change in capacity. So is the selling price. The price point is attractive given the extra space for the additional 29 wine bottles.

best chiller reviews Kenya

MIKA MWC72 Wine Cooler

Features of the MIKA MWC72 Wine Chiller

  • Storage capacity: 72 bottles
  • Model: Wine Chiller
  • Free standing installation
  • Semi-automatic temperatures control
  • Physical dimensions: 605mm by 595mm by 1250mm
  • Adjustable storage levels
  • Anti-UV coated glass door
  • Interior illumination lamp
  • Sunken wine cooler fridge door
  • One year warranty for the wine chiller

Adjustable shelves:

the wine cooler usually are designed to fit standard size wine bottles as well as extra size ones, that is, the Burgundy type bottles. Most Champagne bottles are bigger than the Bordeaux wine bottles. Hence, the adjustable shelves design. As a matter of fact, the shelves can be moved to create more space for upright storage. Upright storage is specifically important to keep your unfinished wine in an upright position so that it does not spill within the wine chiller.

Ariston Wine Coolers

The Ariston WL36 Wine Chiller

Made in Italy, the Ariston WL36 Wine Chiller has a total capacity of 101 litres. Even more, the Ariston WL36 Wine Cooler comes with a UV resistant glass door and a built-in anti vibration system with a super quiet compressor. Also, it has an internal fan system which evenly distributes cooled air across all the wine storage shelves. All these features work towards creating a suitable environment for your expensive wine collection.

Wine fridges Kenya

Ariston WL36 Wine Cooler

Features of the Ariston WL36 Wine Cooler

  • Maximum storage capacity: 36 bottles
  • Finish: Grey Color
  • Type: single zone win cooler
  • Installation: built in
  • Gross Weight: 38Kg
  • Physical dimensions: 68cm by 58.8cm by 54cm
  • Installation type: built-in or countertop
  • Tinted glass door
  • Dark interior finish
  • Internal fan
  • Wooden storage shelves
  • Inbuilt anti vibration technology
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Digital control temperature adjustment system
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Types of Wine Fridges in Kenya

A perfect wine fridge selection assures you of the perfect temperatures for your special wine collection. Wine fridges usually come in two distinct models; thermoelectric and compressor.

Traditionally, most countertop wine fridges are manufactured without compressors. They are the most affordable and ideal size for a small wine bar. The countertop wine fridges are smaller in size and capacity. They never produce much noise while in operation. So you can keep it in your bedroom and away from the kids and still enjoy the silence.

Other categorization is based on placement and assembly technology. First and foremost, there are counter top wine coolers. They are smaller in size and capacity. Mostly their capacities range from 4 to 24 bottles, with single zone cooling. Therefore, you do not require so much floor space for it. They are ideal for persons who are not into wine collection.

Next, we have free standing wine chillers. They are most popular among the upper middle class urban dwellers. These wine coolers offer much bigger storage capacity compared to the counter top wine coolers. Additionally, you have dual zone cooling technology; a much more advanced cooling technology for wine fridges.

Another type is the built in wine chillers. These are popular among home owners and the affluent. Still, they are expensive to acquire. This is because of the associated design and installation costs, and contractor expenses. The best thing about it is that it is custom made according to your preference, unlike the others which are purchased off the shelf. Technically, it will be upon you to decide maximum capacity, and location and ventilation.

How to install the wine chiller

How and where the wine fridge is installed has a lot of impact on the performance. It is therefore important to follow manufacturer guidelines on correct installation. First and foremost, direct UV light should be avoided. UV light negatively affects wine flavour and texture. Thus, the wine cooler should be installed away from a window or any place that is open to direct sunlight.

Samsung cooler fridge in Kenya

Then, do not place it very close to the wall; an all sides. Adequate air clearance space around the fridge allows the appliance not to overwork.

Wine Fridge Prices In Kenya

Owning a wine fridge can be very exciting. What with an assurance of entertaining your guests with select wine varieties? Likewise, wine coolers are of different size and installations. The amount of storage available and the type of shelving vary from one wine fridge to the other. Depending on your budget, you can easily buy one which is a perfect fit for your wine collection. There are certainly some things you should consider before buying a wine cooler.

First and foremost, you should know the amount of space available, whether at home or in your office. Space availability will determine installation design, that is, whether to go for under counter or counter top installation.

Secondly, you should be sure of your favourite wine collection. For instance, if your wine collection consists of varieties then you should consider buying a multi zone wine chiller. However, should you favour wine from a single line, then a single temperature zone wine cooler will be ideal.

Next, it is important to consider accessibility to the wine fridge. The ease with which you can access your wine can never be overemphasized. Hence, the wine cooler should be domiciled in a location where you can easily access your wine as the fridge door opens in whichever direction.

This is why you need a Wine Fridge

As a matter of fact, wines require consistent temperatures to sustain maturity. Therefore, fluctuations in temperature will likely destroy your wine quality. Hence the need for wine coolers; they are good at maintaining consistent wine temperature.

Wine fridges provide the right humidity which is essential for wine storage. It is only a wine refrigerator that can provide the ideal moisture for wine cooling. Humidity levels on the extreme ends might lead to poor quality wine.

Your ordinary family fridge is known to vibrate every so often especially during power up. Apparently, fridge vibration can affect wine maturity. Thus, the wine coolers are manufactured in such a way that vibration is almost nonexistent. The same is true with the Ramtons fridges and even Bruhm fridges.

The wine cooler shelves

Fixed shelves: the wine chillers wit fixed shelves are the most affordable. In this case, bottles of wine are stack up on top of each other. The only challenge comes when thinking of removing a bottle that was first to be stacked up.

Adjustable shelves: the wine fridge models with adjustable shelves are perfect for keeping bottles of sizes bigger than the standard 750ml bottle size. This is because the shelves can be removed to create room for the bigger bottles.

Sliding shelves: even though wine fridges with sliding shelves are convenient to operate, they tend to be smaller in size. Hence, there is a trade off between storage and user convenience.

Extras on buying wine chillers

When buying a wine cooler, there are certain additional features that you should look for in a wine fridge. Even though these features are not necessarily important, they tend to enhance wine fridge usability and general appearance.

To begin with, there is the LCD screen. This LED screen could be touch or non touch. The LCD control panel enables you to easily adjust wine fridge settings, and even set the ideal cooling temperatures. Generally, accessing the settings menu from the LCD display panel is usually convenient to the user as compared to the pressing of buttons.

Whether to purchase a single temperature zone or a multi zone wine cooler. Be that as it may, there exist different wine varieties in the market. For example, there is the white wine, red wine, dry wine or sweet wine, champagne to mention a few. All these have different cooling requirements. Unless otherwise, it is advisable to buy a multi zone wine cooler to take  care of the varied wine collection within the same unit.

Wine coolers with display shelves offer a transparent view of the wine collection. These display shelves enables you to view and admire your wine collection from outside without having to yank the wine cooler door.

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