Beverage Coolers In Kenya; Best Pick, Features & Price

Bruhm Beverage Display Fridges

Running a retail business comes with unique refrigeration requirements. Even so, display fridges are commonly associated with cake cafe, fish outlets, and fast food restaurants. Restaurants with beverage coolers generally record increased sales, especially from impulse purchases. This is because the display fridges have an eye-catching effect enabling walk-in customers to view and easily pick what is available on offer.

A decade ago, beverage cooler fridges were manufactured mainly for soft drinks producers like the Coca Cola and Pepsi to create visibility. However, thanks to innovation and creativity, we have beverage display fridges from manufacturers who are not necessarily associated with soft drink manufacturers. As a matter of fact, there are more than a dozen high-quality models of beverage coolers in the market. For this reason, today we feature some of the most innovative restaurant display fridges and beverage cooler fridges in Kenya.

Actually, beverage coolers create a professional outlook in restaurants and patisserie shops. For this reason, we have sampled the most affordable yet functionally efficient display fridges. Below, we have reviewed some of the most popular restaurant and hotel beverage display fridges with prices in Kenya.

Bruhm Beverage Coolers

Bruhm BFV-270SD Beverage Cooler Fridge

Serious fast food establishments are realizing that having a beverage cooler fridge is a must-have. Looking for the best beverage cooler price in Kenya? Well presently, Bruhm BFV-270SD beverage cooler is the cheapest at only Ksh 39,995. First and foremost, the display refrigerator not only makes it easy for customers to choose and pick their favorite drinks but also encourage customer self-service.

Also, the transparent glass doors are very helpful in terms of stock management and keeping tabs at the reorder levels. Thus the restaurant manager will be able to see when the time for restocking is almost approaching. As a shop owner, you do not have to wait until when the beverage cooler is empty in order to procure more drinks.

Best beverage coolers Kenya

Bruhm BFV-270SD Beverage Cooler

Salient features of the Bruhm BFV-270SD Beverage Cooler

  • Maximum capacity: 220 litres; 7.8 cubic feet
  • Nett weight: 30Kg
  • Make: single door complete with lock and key
  • Door material: Tough transparent glass door
  • Finish: Grey in colour
  • Adjustable storage levels
  • Cooling technology: advanced compressor based cooling
  • Warranty: one year manufacturer warranty

Adjustable shelves

Adjustable shelves enables you to enjoy flexible storage. Traders are able to keep not only the 300ml soda bottles but by adjusting the shelving you can also pack the 2 litre soda bottles inside the display refrigerator.

Bruhm refrigerators with extra-large storage space

With approximately 220 litres capacity of storage at your disposal, the Bruhm BFV-270SD beverage cooler is the best pick especially if running a busy restaurant or fast food outlet in a busy street. Essentially, the beverage cooler will only be stocked up only once yet the supply will be able to sustain trading for an entire day or two.

Bruhm BFV-250SD Beverage Display Fridge

First and foremost, Beverage cooler fridges come in two distinct options. There is the narrow upright standing display fridge with single door; and the other type is the wide double door display fridge. These fridges are ideal for restaurants because customers can see drinks and beverage cans on display through the transparent the door. Depending on the floor space available, you can pick the narrow display fridge or the wide double door display refrigerator.

Also, apart from the attractive price point, it has a powerful compressor that automatically self regulates depending on cooling requirements.

No doubt, the innovative Bruhm beverage cooler fridge steals the show when it comes to innovative design and elegance. By and large, Bruhm fridges are still among the most trusted by kitchen equipment suppliers today.

Energy efficiency

Generally speaking, beverage display coolers are quite efficient in terms of power consumption. As a matter of fact, the compressor technology was made in such a way that the beverage cooler will only suck up a little bit of electricity units on power up and consumption significantly drops when cooling hits a plateau. This means electricity expenses will not eat into the bottom line.

Best beverage coolers reviews Kenya

Bruhm BFV-250SD Beverage Cooler

Salient features of the Bruhm BFV-250SD beverage display fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 220 litres
  • Weight: 35Kg
  • Colour: Grey
  • Transparent glass door with lock and key
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Adjustable metallic display shelves
  • Energy efficient compressors
  • CFC free
  • Long lasting fan motor
  • Digital controller for temperature adjustments
  • One year manufacturer warranty

The Von Hotpoint Beverage Coolers

Von Hotpoint HPBC236W beverage cooler fridges

No doubt Von Hotpoint fridges are among some of the popular beverage coolers in Kenya. Apart from the extravagant storage space, the Von Hotpoint beverage display fridge comes with a separate chiller box. The freezer compartment can be used for ice cream storage. With an automatic defrost and a transparent glass door, this display fridge is a wise choice for a businessman who is keen on value and negligible electricity expenses.

Be that as it may, Von Hotpoint HPBC236W beverage cooler is a popular brand among hoteliers. This Von Hotpoint HPBC236W model in particular comes in a manageable size hence giving you an easy time finding an ideal corner to place it.

No doubt that every busy refreshment outlets require refrigeration equipment with huge capacity. At 226 litres and 8.3 cubic feet, Von Hotpoint HPBC236W beverage cooler gives you massive storage space for the drinks at a bargain.

Von Hotpoint beverage display fridges Kenya

Von Hotpoint HPBC236W Beverage Cooler

Salient of the Von Hotpoint HPBC236W beverage display fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 226 litres, 8.3 cubic ft.
  • Nett weight: 47Kg
  • Transparent glass door with lock and key
  • Inbuilt cooling fan
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Aluminum internal finish
  • Internal lighting
  • White colour body finish
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Super General SGSC137 Beverage Chiller

The Super General SGSC137 Beverage Chiller is a compact medium size beverage cooler. Ideal for use at home apartment or in the office. The designs and finish targets buyer for non-commercial use.

best display fridge price Kenya

Super General SGSC137 Beverage Chiller

Features of the Super General SGSC137 Beverage Chiller

  • Beverage chiller capacity: 133 litres
  • Model: single door mini beverage chiller
  • Cooing technology: automatic defrosting
  • Finish: White Color
  • Weight: 32Kg
  • Chiller physical dimensions: 850mm H by 550mm W by 580mm D
  • Wire Shelves
  • Door design: single layered glass door
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Best Armco Beverage Display Refrigerators

Armco ASC-170 beverage cooler refrigerator

All things considered, Armco fridges are your best pick especially when running a busy soft drinks outlet. Ultimately, attract and retain your customers by supplying them with their favorite soft drinks well chilled. Apart from spacious storage, Armco display fridges come with an extra compartment for keeping the plus size bottles. On the other hand, this compressor based cooling system assures you of efficient energy consumption even at peak performance.

best Armco display fridges Kenya

Armco ASC-170 Beverage Cooler

Salient features of the Armco ASC-170 beverage display fridge

  • Maximum capacity: 170 litres, 8.5 cubic ft.
  • Nett weight: 20Kg
  • Dimensions: 545×620×340 cm
  • Transparent glass door complete with lock and key
  • Body finish in black colour
  • Inbuilt automatic condenser and coil
  • Shelves
  • Double layer glass door complete with lock and key
  • Internal cooling fan
  • Internal lighting
  • Three year manufacturer warranty

Armco ASC-350 Beverage Cooler Fridge

The Armco ASC-350 Showcase Refrigerator is spacious free standing beverage cooler with adequate storage space to accommodate more than a hundred bottles of soft drinks. This is a commercial grade beverage cooler for the busy restaurant or hotel establishment. Even more, its internal storage is designed to create room for the big and oversized bottles.

Beverage Cooler refrigerators Kenya

Armco ASC-350 Beverage Cooler

Features of the Armco ASC-350 Beverage Cooler Fridge

  • Capacity: 350 litres; 14.0 cubic feet
  • Design: Single door with a transparent view glass
  • Finish: Black color
  • Cooling: Automatic defrosting technology
  • Gross weight: 71.15Kg
  • Physical dimensions: 600cm L by 680cm W by 1875cm H
  • Insulation: Double layer vacuum glass
  • Cooling fan
  • Internal lighting system
  • 5 level wire storage shelves
  • Cooling compressor with seven distinct thermostat setting
  • Refrigerator door: Long bar handle design
  • Refrigerator warranty: 3 years

Bruhm BFV-400SD Beverage Display Fridge

Bruhm BFV-400SD Cooler is an efficient beverage display fridge. Has tough glass door which makes perfect for outdoor use. Furthermore, its transparent clear door enables you to display your drinks in an organized and visible manner to the customers. Even more, a customer can make a choice on which drink to buy without having to open the fridge door; only opens it once ready to pick his/her selection.

beverage display fridges prices Kenya

Bruhm BFV-400SD Beverage Cooler

Features of the Bruhm BFV-400SD Beverage Cooler

  • Capacity: 350 litres; 13.5 cubic feet
  • Model: single door beverage display fridge
  • Wire shelves
  • 5 different separate storage levels
  • Internal lighting system
  • Finish: Grey color
  • Weight: 42Kg
  • Transparent glass door
  • Adjustable storage shelves
  • Lock and key
  • Advanced technology compressor system
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Why you should buy Beverage Cooler Fridges

It features impeccable internal lighting that ensures that your drinks are remarkably displayed to your customers. For this reason, good organization makes it easy for your customers to select and pick their drinks of choice.

Bruhm BFV-270SD beverage cooler is a good example. With storage space of 220 litres and at a capacity of 7.8 cubic feet, the beverage display fridge offers plentiful of storage to display variety of soft drinks. Purchasing this beverage cooler is a good investment because its quality construction gives you the assurance that it will last a long time.

The advanced compressor was designed to offer uniform cooling of your drinks at your temperature selection. Since cooling is compressor based, the beverage cooler evenly distributes cool air to all the corners within the unit.

There is adequate insulation which ensures that heat is kept out. That being the case, the internal circulation of the cool air does not go to waste. For this reason, the beverage display remains cooled for longer and at a minimal power consumption.

The 4 shelves divides up internal storage into 5 separate storage levels. With this in mind, make use of the manufacturer’s thoughtful design by perfectly organizing your storage like a pro. Get to please your customers by neatly displaying every flavor of the beverages available.

Are you looking for cheapest but quality fridges suitable for an office? Then click on the link to see more fridge varieties and the best fridge prices in Kenya.

Extras on Beverage Display Fridges

At any rate, restaurant with limited space would most likely favor a free standing fridge. This is because an upright standing fridge definitely requires less floor space compared to a chest freezer.

Easy power management

In any case, the cost of power is usually a major headache to most restaurant operators. Accordingly, the beverage freezers we have reviewed are energy efficient. This means that you will not worry about exorbitant power bills at the end of each month.

No doubt, the interior LED lighting is especially helpful during night operation. For outlets selling soft drinks and other beverages operate even at night. In the same way, this is true especially for busy areas such as bus stops and other social places.

Patisserie display fridges

In the first place, these display fridges ideal for use in a cake house or bakery. Also, they can be found in supermarket outlets with a fresh foods section. By the same token, their designs vary based on buyer’s preferences. However, the contemporary designs feature a glass cabinet over the top to allow cake lovers ample view of various cake tastes in stock. Other display refrigerators come with wheels so that shifting the freezer from one pint to other.

The Non commercial beverage coolers

Be that as it may, commercial beverage display coolers are manufactured with a retail shop in mind. However, there are the smaller versions of the beverage coolers for use at home. Due to silent operation, most people prefer to keep them in the bedrooms as the wine coolers. As it were, the free standing types come with adjustable shelves that would easily create space for the large bottles.

At the same time, we have reviewed for you some of the best restaurant equipment for sale. Also, we have done a comprehensive reviews of the best refrigerators to buy in Kenya covering different fridge brands and refrigerator prices in Kenya. Even so, you can check out our latest reviews of the best wine coolers.

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