Beko Fridges In Kenya; Features & Prices

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Beko Fridge Reviews Kenya

Beko Fridges are produced by Beko PLC in Turkey. The Beko PLC is one of the biggest manufacturer of refrigerators and other home appliances in Europe. The company has been manufacturing Beko refrigerators since 1955. Though a fairly new entrant in the East Africa region, Beko fridges in Kenya are slowing becoming a household name thanks to innovative designs and good pricing.

Latest Beko Fridge Prices

The Best Beko Fridges to buy in Kenya

Beko QL22 Single Door Refrigerator

The Beko QL22 Single Door Refrigerator is fitted with reversible doors. Unlike the fixed door design, the reversible door design brings about flexibility during installation. Hence, this under counter fridge can be installed in whichever corner of the house and the door fitted such that the fridge can be accessed from the most convenient side.

Best Beko Fridge Reviews Kenya

Beko QL22 Single Door Refrigerator

Features of the Beko QL22 Single Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 130 litres; 4.5 cubic feet
  • Model: single door under the counter fridge
  • Physical dimensions: 820mm by 598mm by 545mm
  • Gross Weight: 33Kg
  • 2 adjustable glass shelves
  • Eggs tray
  • Bottle door racks
  • Reversible refrigerator door
  • Cooling system: auto defrost technology
  • Interior lighting bulb
  • Antibacterial refrigerator door seal
  • Energy efficiency rating: A+
  • Two years manufacturer warranty

Beko UR584AP Single Door Fridge

The Beko UR584AP Single Door Fridge is top counter consumer fridge. Despite its physical size, it has an amazingly spacious freezer compartment. Moreover, it comes with adjustable glass shelves and reversible fridge door. What is more, fridge door is fitted with an antibacterial seal that prevents bacteria from entering the fridge.

A small storage capacity makes it easy to ensure that the fridge remains all the time. An empty fridge means that the fridge will work overtime to cool the empty space filled with air.

Single Door Fridges Kenya

Beko UR584AP Single Door Fridge

Features of the Beko UR584AP Single Door Fridge

  • Storage capacity: 125 litres; 4.5 cubic feet
  • Model: single door counter top fridge
  • Refrigerator energy efficiency rating: A+
  • Freezer efficiency rating: 4 Star
  • Finish: Silver Color
  • Deep freezer section
  • Reversible refrigerator door
  • Sunken design fridge handles
  • Physical dimensions: 840mm by 545mm by 595mm
  • 2 glass storage shelves
  • Door racks
  • Eggs tray
  • Spacious crisper fruits and vegetables drawer
  • Interior lighting bulb
  • Two years refrigerator warranty

Beko CT5381AP Double Door Refrigerator

Unlike most Beko fridges, the Beko CT5381AP Double Door Refrigerator has a manual defrosting freezer compartment. Nevertheless, it comes with adjustable shelves and full width bottle racks for convenient storage. Also, the fridge door is fitted with antibacterial seal that keeps bacteria anyway from your food.

What is more, the Beko CT5381AP Double Door Refrigerator comes with reversible doors bringing about flexibility in terms of choice of storage location. Thus, whichever corner of the room is convenient, the fridge door can be reversed to enhance its accessibility.

Beko Fridges Prices Kenya

Beko CT5381AP Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the Beko CT5381AP Double Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 219 litres; 7.7 cubic feet
  • Refrigerator efficiency rating: A+
  • Fridge dimensions: 180mm by 545mm by 600mm
  • Fridge weight: 41Kg
  • Finish: White Color
  • Curved fridge door handles
  • Model: double door top mount freezer fridge
  • Adjustable wire shelves
  • Auto defrosting fridge cooling
  • Full length bottle racks
  • Fresh vegetables box
  • Eggs tray
  • Internal lighting fridge bulb
  • Freezer efficiency rating: 4 Star
  • Manual frosting freezer
  • Two wire freezer shelves
  • One year refrigerator warranty

Beko CFMD7852 Multi Door Refrigerator

The Beko CFMD7852 Multi Door Refrigerator is an innovative multi zone freezer fridge. For one thing, you can use the Fast Freeze mode for super-fast freezing. On the other hand, use the Quick Cool mode setting for express cooling.

Still, the Beko CFMD7852 Multi Door Refrigerator has a Holiday mode setting. This setting is particularly important when away from home for prolonged periods. Essentially, instead of clearing everything and switch off the refrigerator, just stock to full capacity and let it run albeit on low power consumption. Food kept in the freezer compartment are the only ones that are guaranteed to remain fresh for an extended period. Also ensure that whenever you put in fresh new food you put them at the back of the fridge and bring the foods that have stayed longer at the front.

Double Door Fridges Kenya

Beko CFMD7852 Multi Door Refrigerator

Features of the Beko CFMD7852 Multi Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 530 litres
  • Model: multi zone Combi freezer fridge
  • Refrigerator physical dimensions: 1850mm by 740mm by 770mm
  • Refrigerator weight: 111Kg
  • Electronic digital display panel
  • Water dispenser
  • Energy efficiency rating: A+
  • Frost free cooling system
  • Long bar design fridge door handles
  • Inbuilt fridge guard
  • Glass storage shelves
  • Bottle storage racks
  • Wine storage racks
  • Large vegetables crisper box
  • Door alarm
  • Eggs tray
  • Internal lighting bulb
  • Odor filtration system
  • Adjustable freezer thermostat
  • Automatic defrosting freezer
  • One year refrigerator warranty

Salient features of the Beko fridges

Filter for odors and bad smell

The Beko Fridges have inbuilt capability for filtering out odors. Therefore, there is a way the cool air circulating inside the fridge is filtered to remove odors. In the same manner, harmful bacteria also is removed.

What is more, most of these fridges come with Active Ionizer. The Ionizer particularly works to neutralize bacteria. Hence when the refrigeration environment remains clean and hygienic and non-contaminated, the food preserved will remain fresh, clean and safe.

Automatic defrosting technology

Most conventional refrigerators have tendency for leaving the food under refrigeration ice covered. This means that they have to be defrosted in a microwave before use. However, the Beko fridges were designed to sustain cooling without making food frozen into ice stones. This is because these frost free refrigerators ensure cooling inside the fridge compartment happens without icing up the food supplies.

Beko Fridge Dual Cooling Technology

The Dual Cool Technology is an important feature for it ensures that the same cool air does not circulate inside the fridge compartment as well as the freezer compartment. Therefore, this feature limits the chances for odors mixing. By the same token, the Dual Cooling steps in to make sure there is independent cooling for freezer section as well as the fridge section.

The Beko Fridge Active Fresh Technology

Unlike some conventional fridges, the Beko Refrigerators are capable of maintaining natural elements inside vegetables and fruits.  So instead of fresh food supplies becoming stale and lacking in flavor, the Active Fresh Technology ensures that the food is fresh and retains the nutritional value for longer.

By the same token, the Beko refrigerators with EverFresh crisper boxes ensures that any food that needs to maintain its original flavor does so efficiently. The end result is you will be more confident to shop in bulk, and manage to keep your family healthier while spending less.

Energy efficiency

In any case, refrigerators and other consumer appliances run on 24 hours. As it is, the Beko have been built to consume energy responsibly without any damage to the environment. As a matter of the fact, the Beko fridges in Kenya are certified with the best energy efficiency rating. In fact, performance tests on a select few reveals that the A++ rating will consume 40% less than other fridge brands with same features.

Super Quiet Compressor technology

Beko fridges are manufactured using a superior cooling technology. Therefore, a standard Beko refrigerator produces is two times more silent than other conventional fridges. Hence the almost whisper like sound when in optimum operation. This innovative cooling system was designed to make you enjoy operating from your kitchen environment.

Maximizing Your Fridges Potential

Once you buy brand new refrigerator or when you have had one for quite a while you may have definitely been concerned about how effective you may or have been making it work for you. It is important that your appliance does more for you to make your life easier so that you can concentrate of other things. Here are some tips on how to increase the functionality of your fridge.

You Want To Take Advantage Of Space.

One thing that most people put in mind when picking out a fridge is space. Space simply means room provided. Most fridges come with compartments that are mostly label to specify the kind of food staff to be stored in. when it comes to using space in the freezer that has a small capacity use zipped plastic bags to store foods rather than plastic containers, this is because containers take up more space and you can only fit in many of them in a small space, zipper bags on the other hand take up lesser spaces and can be manipulated to fit the space provided.

Label Your Food

Keeping tags on your foods will help you to know which food needs to be eaten first before they get to their expiry date. Mark them with the date prepared for example 23rd /January. This is especially so for homemade foods. You will agree with me that it is quite very easy to put food in the fridge and forget about it only to remember about it later after its already gone bad.

Always Ensure That Your Refrigerator Is Full

It can be hard to ensure that you always have a full refrigerator at all times especially in hard economic times but also running an empty refrigerator will also do more harm than good for you just in case you did not know. The science is quite simple a full capacitated refrigerator will not work overtime to keep the fridge cool especially when you open the door.

Put In Bottles Of Water In The Freezer To Freeze.

This is a trick that I learnt from my mother, it may sound funny but living in a country where electricity can sometimes not be depended upon keeping backup frozen water will come in handy when it comes to keeping your fridge cooler for longer hence keeping your foods fresh  if at all you get a black out. The idea is to buy your foods more time until power is restored.

Avoid Opening and Closing the Refrigerator Door

Opening and closing the fridges door frequently lets out the coolness from the fridge which as mentioned about means that you will be making the appliance work overtime to regulate the air inside it to the required temperature. The solution is to take out everything you might need to use from the fridge in one go, that will ensure that you minimize the opening of the door compered to picking one item at a time.

And there you have it ways to maximize the use of your appliance to suit you demands and yet still save you money, space and time. Try them out.

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