Armco Fridge in Kenya; Best Pick, Features & Prices

Armco Fridge In Kenya

For anyone looking for an efficient but budget friendly fridge in Kenya, the best bet is to buy an Armco refrigerator. Armco fridges features state of the art technologies and come in an elegant and stylish design.

Key Features Of Armco Fridges

  • Toughened Wire Shelves
  • Anti-bacterial gasket
  • Fast Ice Making ability
  • Energy efficient
  • Spacious vegetable bin
  • Noise suppression ability
  • Elegant and stylish Design
  • Spill guard glass shelves
  • Humidity-control vegetable bin
  • Pocket friendly pricing
  • Ice and egg tray
  • Spacious door racks

Best Armco Fridges To Buy In Kenya

ARMCO ARF-S127W Single Door Refrigerator

Even though it does not have a freezer section, it has a very spacious vegetables box. The fresh vegetable box more than compensates for any shortcomings. On the overall, this is mid-range fridge for singles or a small family of two.

Additionally, ARMCO ARF-S127W Single Door Refrigerator features the signature Armco Ever cool technology. For this reason, your precious food stuff will be still be fresh for as long as 9 hours in spite of power blackout.

Armco single door mini fridge

ARMCO ARF-S127W Single Door Refrigerator

Features of the ARMCO ARF-S127W Single Door Refrigerator

  • Maximum storage: 92 litres; 5.0 cubic feet
  • Finish: White color
  • Two Wire shelves
  • Ever cool technology
  • Fresh Vegetable box
  • In-door style bottle holders
  • Ice maker
  • Three year warranty on the fridge

ARMCO ARF-D138(W) Double door fridge

ARMCO ARF-D138(W) Double door refrigerator would pass a an ordinary refrigerator. However, it has an Ever cool system that ensures that your food remains fresh for up to 9 hours. This in spite of power blackout.

Armco fridge prices Kenya

ARMCO ARF-D138(W) Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the ARMCO ARF-D138(W) Double door refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 90 litres; 5.0 Cubic feet
  • Weight: 25Kg
  • Finish: White Color
  • Model: double door complete with locking key
  • Ever cool power saver
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Spacious fresh vegetables box
  • Instant ice maker
  • Bottle and can holder
  • Wire shelves
  • Three years manufacturer warranty

ARMCO ARF-D178(S) Double Door Fridge

Be that as it may every refrigerator comes with its own special feature. Ceramic deodorizer is a feature unique to the ARMCO ARF-D178(S) Double Door Refrigerator. The inbuilt deodorizer neutralizes bad smell thus making your fridge to smell nice all day every day.

Armco fridges in Kenya

ARMCO ARF-D178(S) Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the ARMCO ARF-D178(S) Double Door Refrigerator

  • Maximum capacity: 118 litres; 6.0 cubic feet
  • Stylish grip door handle
  • Physical dimensions: 620 by 105 by 485
  • Finish: Silver color
  • Model: double door fridge
  • Cycle defrost
  • Spacious freezer compartment
  • Wire shelves
  • Egg tray
  • Can and bottle holders
  • Large fresh vegetable box
  • Warranty: three year warranty on the appliance

ARMCO ARF-D228(S) Double Door Fridge

ARMCO ARF-D228(S) Double Door Refrigerator is mid-range fridge. What stands out about it is the efficiency with which the ice maker operates. To put it another way, he ice maker kicks in so fast it is almost like an instant ice maker machine. On the whole, its practicality and simplicity is just amazing.

Armco fridge reviews Kenya

ARMCO ARF-D228(S) Double Door Refrigerator

Features of the ARMCO ARF-D228(S) Double Door Refrigerator

  • Storage capacity: 165 litres; 8.5 cubic feet
  • Finish: Silver color
  • Net weight: 35Kg
  • Physical dimensions: 620 by 105 by 485
  • Model: double door fridge
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Toughened wire shelves
  • Cool Pack technology
  • Fridge lock and key
  • Egg tray
  • Fresh vegetables box
  • Interior lighting
  • Three year warranty for the appliance

Why Buy An Armco Fridge in Kenya

Design and Construction
Most Armco fridges in Kenya come with an outer casing of enameled steel, Inner lining usually polystyrene, Layer of insulating material between steel and polystyrene, Plastic–coated shelves, Adjustable bottle racks and molded compartments, Plastic drawers, Ice box, Automatic light, Thermostat and the door has magnetic closure. Some come with Tall bottle shelves, this allows tall bottles to be placed upright, it saves space and prevents spillages.

Direct Cool Refrigerator
Most Armco fridge models are direct cool refrigerators because they come with a single door option producing a chill through a natural convection process.

Interior Organization
By and large, lots of space and the shelves are easily adjusted. They also have adjustable shelves which can be moved to make space for larger items.

Cooling System
Armco fridges have a dynamic cooling system that ensures better even encourage better ventilation. This keeps different parts of the fridge at the even temperature, and foods stay fresher for longer. Armco’s Twin Cooling Plus feature keeps the refrigerator at a high humidity level to keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

Armco Fridges are fitted with Inverter Linear Compressors that ensures maximum energy savings, together with its fresh system, works to keep foods fresh for longer periods. Even so, its balancer maintains optimal humidity and temperature levels for specific food items, such as fruits and vegetables.

Armco Fridges Display Panel
Modern Armco fridge models come with a digital thermostat compared to the older models that had manual controls to set the temperature. The current models have an electronic control panel which include lights to show which modes are in operation, as well as lights or alarms to alert if the door is left open.

Armco Fridge Adjustable Shelves

Be that as it may, this makes it easier to create extra space in the fridge or freezer. Also, this allows large storage space for storing food store keeping especially your vegetables and fruits moist and fresh for long.

Anti-bacterial gasket
Actually, this easy to clean removable gasket seals that keeps out the bacteria and dust particles at the door seal. Even more, they prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes inside the fridge. On the other hand, air booster controls the circulation of cold air providing a balanced space for both frozen and fresh food.

Incidentally, high-efficiency LED lightning makes it easy to find stored food. As a result, its integrated icemaker is conveniently located in the freezer for easy access to ice at all times. At the same time, it takes a short time to clean if there is any spills. In any case, the tempered-glass spill-proof shelves provide containment for small messes.

Add Style To Your Kitchen
All things considered, Armco refrigerator makes an elegant centerpiece in any kitchen. In fact, its door design exudes sophistication and class. Nevertheless, the stainless-steel construction delivers a sleek look that blends perfectly with all home décor.

Energy Efficient
First and foremost, a door alarm goes off when the door has been left open for a long period of time to prevent food spoilage and wasted energy. Still, some models come with an alarm that notifies you when temperature rises. In other words, it will to help you monitor the ideal environment for your food.

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