About us

Fridge Reviews KE publishes professionally researched articles about refrigerators, their features and current best prices in Kenya.

We have structured our work in categories. First and foremost, we have a section to guide shoppers on what to consider when buying a refrigerator. Secondly, we have a page updated weekly that has the latest fridge prices in Kenya. Thirdly, we have several unique pages that focus specifically on fridge brands, unique features and current retail prices.

Last but not least, we have a page that offer simple tips for caring for your refrigerator. That is, you will find tips on how to remove bad smell from your fridge and how to keep it clean and hygienic. Also, you will learn general tips for improving refrigerator efficiency and performance.

We do not accept payments from manufacturers to write a favorable review about appliances. For this reason, what is captured by our reviews is actually what you will get in the refrigerator.

Should you have any inquiries or suggestions, kindly write to us at fridgereviewske@gmail.com